Here Are The Traits And Skills that Will Make You A Good Pilot

Written By Alla Levin
July 27, 2021

Here Are The Traits And Skills That Make a Good Pilot

The ability to multitask and remain “At the moment” is essential as a professional pilot. You must keep your focus on multiple tasks at once while operating a complicated machine like an airplane. 

In addition, you must communicate with flight crews, passengers, and air traffic control simultaneously. Pilots need to be aware of any possible dangers within their flight path, and they must know how to make quick decisions when something unexpected occurs. Is this everything it takes to become a pilot? We doubt. Instead, we have mentioned traits of a good pilot you must possess to succeed. Have a look. 

Good Communication

Good communication is one of the critical skills you must have as a pilot. Incomplete and incorrect pilot-controller communication causes almost 80 percent of flight accidents and incidents. Here’s what you need to keep in mind while establishing pilot-controller communication:

  • Purpose: Clearance, instruction, conditional statements or proposals, question or request, and confirmation
  • When: Immediately, expected or anticipated
  • How and what: Heading (left or right), altitude (climbing, descending, maintain), and airspeed
  • Where: At a waypoint or before. 

The following ATC instructions should be appropriately communicated to make sure of flight and landing safety: 

  • Traffic information. 
  • Radar vectors. 
  • Weather. 
  • Emergency. 

ATM (air traffic monitors), the ATC controllers and pilots, and aircraft operators work together to manage airspace flow capacity and airport traffic. So, you must know how to communicate with them. 

Awareness of SituationSkills That Make a Good Pilot

This means knowing everything going on throughout the whole flight and maintaining and controlling the aircraft. As a pilot, you should have a mental picture of the following:

  • Location. 
  • Configuration. 
  • Flight conditions. 
  • The energy state of your aircraft. 

If you do not have adequate awareness of the situation, it may result in:

  • CFIT (Controlled Flight Into Terrain)
  • Airspace infringement. 
  • Loss of control. 
  • Encountering adverse weather conditions. 
  • Loss of separation. 

Other important awareness you must have:

Environmental awareness

  • Communication between other aircraft and air traffic control.
  • Terrain and weather. 

Mode Awareness

  • Configuration of the aircraft. 
  • Control system modes: It includes: Speed, Heading, Altitude, Armed/hold/acquired modes. 

Spatial Orientation

  • The altitude of the aircraft. 
  • Geographical positioning. 

Importance of Teamworkdevelop your career

Communication is a vital tool of teamwork. The pilot and the cabin crew need to work very well as a team. The majority of accidents are caused due to a breakdown in teamwork. Being able to work as part of a team can help you grow and develop your career.

It is a skill that will benefit you in any job, whether you fly planes or drive forklifts, as long as you are working with other people in some capacity. This skill will help you develop good working relationships and make it easier for you to navigate the complex hierarchies of large organizations.


You can be a born leader. If not, it is a skill that can be developed over time. As a pilot, you need to understand that there will be a success with good leadership, and you will have to face some consequences if you are a poor leader. To become a successful pilot and leader, you need to know how to manage the following:

  • Using cockpit effectively. 
  • To ensure that correct procedures are being followed using CMR and SOP. 
  • Manage unforeseen threats. 

As a pilot, you will be leading your crew. If you are flying a commercial flight, you will have a co-pilot who will help you teach. It is best if you hone this skill during your airline pilot training

Skills that make a good pilot: the final word

On researching, you will find that becoming a pilot is one of the most successful carrier options. However, it is not easy to become a pilot. You will need to undergo multiple tests and vigorous training to become a pilot. This said, following some traits will help you become a successful pilot. 

We hope our tips are of help!

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