Top 5 Details to Include on your QA Engineer CV

Written By Alla Levin
July 29, 2021
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Top 5 Details to Include on your QA Engineer CV: The job description of a QA Engineer

 A usual QA Engineer is responsible for creating tests that identify the quality of any software product before being launched. Quality Assurance Engineers take responsibility for creating and assessing technical design documents and specification’s quality. They take part in strategy-making operations, planning, and implementation for quality and testing. 

 The tasks of a QA Engineer can vary from product testing to KPI qualification. In a modern world, the importance of QA specialists is growing faster. Future Kraken products’ direct contribution is needed by the major financial companies in software and hardware components. Majorly their job includes tasks such as

  • Software design;
  • Source code writing and control;
  • Deficiencies identification;
  • Product test;
  • Solutions suggestion;
  • Configuration and change management;
  • Collaboration with PD team;
  • Collection of quality data;
  • KPI investment and application;
  • Report preparation and presentation;
  • Overseeing the continuation of a project.

Certifications, activities and measurements, abilities, and commitments are goals for every QA specialist. This helps them to take all the control over the project. Their tests refer to the methodology and process sets of testing to ensure that applications are based on service models of development. This is highly referred to as SaaS. Its testing requires identifying errors and source codes to ensure that the loss of both money and time will not happen.

What should you include on your QA CV?What should you include on your QA CV

Your work accomplishments

One of the most important parts of CV covering is the work part. It better describes jobs you have accomplished and all the specifications about it. Ensure you include all the product qualification jobs you succeed with; it helps build a trustful image as a future employee.

After the job title, cover the part of the responsibilities you took; make short word combinations to present your duties better. Talk about your achievements in the workplace and mention huge project success if there are any; take as much advantage as possible by indicating your pros. If you once succeeded as a QA Automation Engineer and managed to create a Youtube thumbnail, mention it, emphasize the importance of the social platform you have done.

Include testings and certifications

This is an advantage for all QA Specialists and testers. Most of the companies take them as mandatory criteria such as certifications such as CSTE. Any job problem requires different kinds of skills to be solved; you will never know what kind of skill will be needed to solve the current issue, which means that all your skills should always keep developing and importing new ones. 

Mention studied modules

QA Engineer is an IT Specialist. It is a must for every programmer to have more acquaintances with IT languages. As many languages and modules or subjects you study, the greater your chances will be to raise the interest in an employer. Computer networking and system administration skills are highly preferred, and they should be added to your resume.

Hard skills and soft skills

Flexibility, communication,  leadership, time management, computer, and technical skills are essential to have on your resume. Employers are well diagnosed by employers to understand better whether the applicant is ready to give and accept personal and collective development values. 

Soft skills are the combinations of the skills you get used to and learn during your daily work with the help of your teammates and colleagues. Adaptability, prioritization, work ethic, critical thinking, decision-making ability, and a fast learning attitude are must soft skills for every QA Specialist.


Take a look at your conferences, forums, and other qualification participants. They are your personal and professional promotions, the way you developed yourself. This is sometimes taken advantage of by your company as one of the best co-workers for future qualification.

You are a QA Engineer, and based on your professional background, your CV must be perfectly organized and catch an employer’s eye. They usually take one minute to look at resumes, and yours should make him have a further and deeper look.

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