How to Prepare Your Child for Back-to-School

Written By Jan Sunny
July 30, 2021

How to Prepare Child for Back to School this Year

Going back to school can be pretty difficult – for some children more than others. The transition can be rough, depending on how engaged students have been with school activities during the break. Our minds, like our bodies, need constant exercise to stay fit.

Stagnancy can have the same effect on our minds that it has on our bodies. Rigidity in thoughts, retention power and other creative aspects get blocked during summers. That is why staying productive during summer break is extremely important.

The pandemic dissolved the idea of school as a physical space. Now it is a virtual space. That is why it is more difficult for the mind to switch back into school mode. The procrastination of summer break is also now more than ever, with children staying indoors because of the pandemic. Their mind needs a proper process to transition into active mode. Otherwise, they might face a slide in their progress.

It is said that students lose out a lot on their progress if their brain is not active during the summer break. This causes summer slide and takes away from all your child’s progress throughout the academic year. Therefore, don’t let your kids get back to school without any preparation.

Going back to school in 2021 is more complicated than ever. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make this going back to school in 2021 a seamless experience. But, getting your child to get to study during summer break can be quite a struggle.

Children want to play and have fun during the break. That is why parents should be able to package the brain exercise amidst laughter and fun. That is why you need to make the process fun. This article will guide you through the entire process of making back-to-school fun for your kid.

Engage in fun science experimentsscience experiments

Backyard science is one of the most interesting ways to get your child interested in science. Although a fascinating subject, most students don’t take an interest in it. This is because the issue can be overwhelming to understand. Doing fun activities to demonstrate what they learn in theory can make complex concepts easy.  Show your children how static energy works using a scale and woolen cloths, teach biology through gardening, etc.

Get a tutor

Sometimes, some external discipline yields better results. Thus, a tutor can be of great help in clarifying concepts that your child has not understood correctly in school. Moreover, before going back to school, they can also refresh the old concepts.

This will ensure that your kid is ready to catch up with the school as soon as it starts. A personalized tutor will also breathe fresh air for your child. Summer breaks can be lonely for children. Getting to talk to a friendly face while learning can be enjoyable.

Prepare the child for back to school: cultivate a habit of reading

Summer break is a long time. It can be used effectively to develop long-time habits. Try and cultivate a habit of reading in your children. It will improve their focus and will help them to study. Also, it improves vocabulary and reading skills. Lastly, reading is one of the most productive habits.

Take them on historical tripsTake them on historical trips

The best way to understand and retain something is when all senses come together to create an experience. That is why taking your kids to historical places will make learning history an enriching experience.

It will create a holistic studying experience. Moreover, historical trips can be a fun outing and won’t feel like studying at all. Observe their syllabus and try chalk out local places referred to in the chapters.

Prepare your child for back to school: engage in multimedia learning

This is the age of multimedia. Our children are consuming a lot of media daily. Make sure that what they watch is educational and helpful for them. Make them watch historical movies or a documentary about any specific topic. This will be a fun exercise. But under the fun, there will also be a lot of learning.

Courtesy Of AGS Scientific 

Practice quantitative math regularly

Most successful math teachers say that one must practice math every day to be good at it. Even if for 15 mins, one must do it every day – no matter what. Thus, comparatively, a break is too long a time to stay detached from the subject.

A child may forget all the lessons from the previous year, and it is not something they can afford. That is why practice math regularly, even during the break. Math is not as difficult as many children believe it to be. With proper planning, one can ace it. Introduce this habit from a very early age. This kind of discipline with math will also help improve in other subjects automatically.

So now, hopefully, the importance of productivity during summer break stands undebated to you. Maintain a steady schedule. It will help you avoid an accumulation of work and will prevent last-moment cramming. Preparing your child to go back to school will be easier with proper planning.

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