How To Prepare For An International Relocation

Written By Alla Levin
August 09, 2021

How To Prepare For An International Relocation

It is pretty exciting to move to another country and get a fresh start in life. Still, there is more to international relocation than just hopping on the next flight. Moving abroad is great, a lifelong dream of many.

Still, only a few ever have the opportunity or means to do so. Therefore, it is best to be prepared and do things right before uprooting your life. Here are some tips to get you started on the right foot.

Get everything in order, including your paperwork

We always advise anyone ready to move abroad to ensure they have secured a job in their new home because it may be tough to go into a country without any financial security, especially for a newbie. The next thing to sort out will be your passport. Is it up to date? If traveling with your family, will they need a special visa/permit? Research your new country’s policies on international relocations, visas, and permits to be informed and prepared. Next, hire an accountant and sort out your finances before moving.

According to SDC International Shipping, countries like the U.S require that you register with the government and inform them of your plans to move abroad and for how long – this will stop any inquiry into taxes.

If you have children, organize their school certificates and get recommendations/reference letters from their schools to verify their educational status for their new school. If your new home country offers health insurance, research how you can be eligible. Also, get all your medical records from your doctor and dentist before moving.

Decide on what you will do with the rest of your belongings

Your belongings are a big part of you, and many face the challenge of dealing with their household items when moving abroad. If you are relocating for only a few months, keeping your belongings in a storage facility is best.

That way, you can easily retrieve them when you get back. But if your overseas relocation is permanent, you may want to take some of your stuff with you, donate or sell them. Keep in mind that the fewer things you are shipping, the less expensive your moving costs.

Make a budget

We cannot overemphasize the importance of having a budget before relocating abroad because it is an expensive venture. We advise that you always put aside some money because, trust us, an unplanned expense will always pop up. Budget for hotel expenses and meals, including intermediary costs, like renting a car, an apartment, shopping, and buying furniture.

Check on customs requirements

Do not mistake assuming that the custom requirements of your country are the same everywhere. On the contrary, every country has its own unique custom requirements, affecting what you can and cannot bring with you.

For example, some countries do not allow houseplants, fruits, vegetables, etc., so you must bear that in mind. Therefore, it is always best to engage the services of an international company because they are experienced in these matters and will advise you on what you can bring to your new home.

Update your driver’s license

Be sure to check your new country’s requirements for an international driver’s permit. They may require that you acquire an in-country license to drive. In addition, your former country’s divers license should be up to date because you are required to carry it along with your IDP.

International Relocation:  Learn the language

If you want to make a country your new home, move abroad, you should start acting like it by learning their official language if it is different from your native tongue. The best way to learn a language is by speaking it, so find a tutor or study group or get friends who will help you practice in your new home.

Do not go into your new home without learning about their culture – not all European or African countries are the same. Learning about their culture can literally save you and help you settle well with the locals.

Hire an experienced international moving company

Moving anywhere is hard enough not to talk of international relocation. Spare yourself the headache and get a global moving company involved. They will handle the logistics of international relocation, so you do not have to and ensure that everything goes smoothly and professionally. They will offer options on how to move your belongings most affordably and help you sort things out at customs.

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