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Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing for Class 11 Chemistry Paper

Chemistry is one of the most important subjects of the Science stream. In classes 11 and 12, all the subjects are somehow connected, especially Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Knowing some basic concepts will help you with all these subjects in some way or another. In this article, we will talk about how to proceed with your Chemistry of class 11. Keep reading to know more.

Preparation Tips

Let us look at a few preparation tips and what to keep in mind while preparing for your class 11 Chemistry Paper.

The first thing to remember is that the class 11th Chemistry is divided into three parts- physical Chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and organic Chemistry These three parts carry a certain percentage of weightage in your examination. You will get a marks distribution of the chapter at the beginning of your textbook.

This marks distribution is done according to the weightage of each chapter or each section in your 12th board examinations. This marks distribution will help you understand the importance of each chapter and will help you prepare better. Just remember one thing- even if the marks assigned to a certain chapter are less, which does not mean that the chapter is less important. You have to give importance to all the chapters. You can refer to NCERT class 11 Chemistry solutions pdf to understand the right way to write an answer.

Let us come to the first part- physical Chemistry

These chapters are mostly conceptual. The key to learning these chapters lies in knowing the basic concepts of these chapters. For example, the first chapter, “Basic Concepts of Chemistry,” falls under the physical Chemistry part. This chapter helps you catch up with what you know about Chemistry from the previous classes. The second part of this chapter consists of Stoichiometry.

Stoichiometry deals with the mole concept, molarity and molality, empirical formula, the concepts of molar mass, atomic mass, and so on. These are all conceptual and full of numerical problems. Mugging up will not help you learn this chapter. You have to understand the concepts mentioned before to be able to learn this chapter properly. You have to understand how to do the numerical problems and learn all the numerical problems’ concepts. After doing this, memorize the formulas of the concepts very well. Once you are done, you will be prepared with this chapter well.

Next, come a few chapters which you have learned before in the 9th and 10th standardsclass 11 chemistry paper

In class 11, you will already be familiar with the chapters such as “Atomic structure” and “Periodic Table.” These are two of the chapters which you have studied before class 11. So, in this case, you will already be familiar with the basic concept of atomic structure and the periodic table.

But what you will learn in class 11 is way more than what you learned in your previous classes. Having studied these chapters previously will just help you understand the 11th standard concepts of these chapters better. Both of these chapters are highly conceptual, and you need to pay attention to understand these chapters. If you understand the concepts of these chapters well, you will easily be able to answer questions related to this chapter.

Next, let us talk about another chapter, that is, chemical bonding

Even this chapter was there in your previous standards. So all of you will be familiar with a few concepts. The main things to remember in this chapter are the types of bonds, how a type of bond is formed, and why certain elements form certain bonds. Other than that, there are very few easy numerical problems for which you need to learn the formula.

The other chapters that fall under the physical Chemistry category are Gases and Liquids, Thermodynamics, and equilibrium

As these are part of physical Chemistry, you have to follow the same procedure for learning these chapters as you did with the previous chapters. Just mugging up the lines in your textbook will not help you here. You have to pay attention in class when the teacher is teaching to understand the concepts of these chapters.

Once you understand the concepts, you will remember the important parts of the chapter well. Also, by doing this, you will understand the numerical questions and hence be able to solve them properly. Also, you have to memorize the numerical formulas for these chapters. The numerical formulas and theorems are very important when it comes to these three chapters.

Let us come to inorganic Chemistry now

Inorganic Chemistry consists of a lot of memorizing. It is very important to remember every exception of every rule of inorganic Chemistry. There are around 4 to 5 chapters that consist of the inorganic Chemistry portion of class 11. Some important ones are Hydrogen and Redox reactions. For these chapters, you need to practice the necessary equations and also understand the concept of redox reactions.

For hydrogen, you need to learn the preparation of hydrogen and the physical and chemical properties of the same. After that, there are the s block elements and p block elements. You learned the periodic table previously, so you will easily catch up with these two chapters. You have to understand the periodic properties to understand this chapter. So, learning the periodic table previously will help you with these two chapters.

Last but not least comes Organic Chemistry

This is a very interesting branch of Chemistry, and it is conceptual too. There are various kinds of reactions that you will learn, and it will be very interesting to learn the properties of alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes. These three are the basic and main constituents of organic Chemistry.

Keep these things in mind, and you will start to love your class 11 Chemistry.

Class 11 Chemistry Paper: Conclusion

In conclusion, we would like to mention that studying systematically in your class 11 is very important. If you study systematically and follow these tips we have mentioned, you will have no problem coping with the Chemistry syllabus of your 11th standard. Good Luck!


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Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!


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