New Year, New Storage?

Written By Alla Levin
December 11, 2020

New Year, New Storage?

Forget those huge resolutions for the new year and focus on something achievable and transformative, like a new storage system.

Whilst storage may not be the most exotic or exciting resolution for the New Year, and it can make a huge amount of difference to your home. The functionality, appearance, enjoyment, and even the value of your home can be impacted by good low-cost storage. Here’s how to move into the New Year with better storage in your home for a practical improvement to rely on year-round:

The Truth Of Your Current Situation – Face It

It is important, to be honest about your current situation. Take a good, long look at your current storage and ask yourself what is working and what isn’t. Is there clutter? Is there enough room for all your clothes? Does the kids’ stuff rule the house? Being honest about your situation means you’re off to a great start when making the changes you need to get great solutions.

Decluttering – Do Itget rid of items you don’t need to store.

Before you make some big storage changes, you need to get rid of items you don’t need to store. You might not even need better storage if you have less stuff, right? Go from room to room, including your affordable self-storage unit, your shed, your garage, and anywhere else you have items stored, and remove anything you want to recycle, throw away or sell. This will give you a clear idea of how much storage you really need.

Seasonal Storage – Consider It

A seasonal self-storage is a perfect option if you have many items that take up tons of space, but they only get used for a short time every year. Common examples include; camping gear, Christmas decorations, barbecues, Halloween costumes, and summer sports gear. A cheap one is a great option for seasonal storage as it is affordable and flexible. Cheap self-storage is also climate-controlled, which is ideal for keeping seasonal belongings in great condition.

Self storage facilities are everywhere. You’re bound to find one within your price range wherever you may be. You can find a cheap self storage unit in Horsham, Basingstoke, Bournemouth – anywhere really. As the go-to space solution in the UK, there is rarely a town or county that does not have a self-storage facility nearby.

Innovative Solutions – Utilise ThemInnovative Solutions

It is important to utilize innovative storage solutions that can help ease your storage problems. From bespoke shelving units for unusually shaped rooms to beds with hidden storage underneath – there’s a solution for every storage problem you have. Shop around, check out inspiration on sites like Pinterest, and be creative; innovative storage solutions are there to help.

Functionality – Prioritise It

Functionality is an aspect of the organization that many people underestimate. The way different areas of your home function actually has a huge impact on storage and whether your storage actually works for you. For example: if you do not have a dedicated playing space for your kids, you may find that the actual storage tubs for their toys don’t get used because they aren’t near the many places your kids play. Another example is a garage you use for storage, only everything is piled high and isn’t visible, so you can’t actually find anything you need when you need it. Marie Kondo, Tiny House Nation, Stay Here, and Instant Hotel on Netflix are great programs to spark functionality inspiration.

The tips above can help you get your storage at home in great shape for the New Year. Sure, getting your home organized isn’t the most glamorous or transformative resolution. Still, it’s definitely going to be something you appreciate and notice all year long, and you don’t have to quit cake to enjoy it either!

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