Take Advantage Of Online Learning Platforms To Help Boost Your Career

Written By Alla Levin
August 31, 2021
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Take Advantage Of Online Learning Platforms To Help Boost Your Career

Nearly everything we do is online. Or at least it has an online equivalent, from planning out our days and booking appointments to staying in touch with loved ones across the globe. And this means you can learn online too.

It’s been possible to take a course online for a while now. But the beauty of the internet is the offerings get better and better as the years go on. Currently, there are a plethora of choices available if you want to buff up on a new subject. Do online learning right, and it’ll do more for you than provide a new conversation topic.

Learning online can help you take your career to the next level. And here’s how. 

Upgrade Your Qualifications

If you’re already at work, you might not see the advantages learning something new can bring. But it can open up new doors on your career ladder.

There are plenty of options for short courses that boost the knowledge you already have. And if you’re looking for a promotion, online learning can help you stand out from the crowd

Switch Up Your Career

It’s never too late to start on a new journey concerning your career. You can utilize online course options to take your job in a new direction no matter your age. And because they’re flexible, you can make them work around you without having to sacrifice an income while you start a new career journey.

Get Back Into The Drivers Seat

Being out of work for a while can make getting back in the workplace feel daunting. If it’s been a few years, the knowledge that you have might not be up to scratch.

Use online learning platforms to blow off the cobwebs that might have accumulated on your key skills. You can start a new path altogether or bump up skills that you already have. 

Stay Ahead Of The Game

There are lots of educational resources available to you on the world wide web. And if you use them correctly, they can be harnessed to get ahead of the game.

Even a top-up course like first aid or team management can set you apart from the crowd. They’ll help keep you in the know and ensure that your skills are always needed on your team. 

5 Great Online Learning Platforms For YouGreat Online Learning Platforms

Udemy is one of the best online learning platforms, operating much like a marketplace. They have over 80,000 courses available, and if you want to turn your hand to being a tutor rather than a student, that option is available to you. It’s easy to get started and one of the best places to learn for professionals. 

The Shaw Academy platform gives users access to professional, accredited online courses. They cover 3 categories; hobbyists, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Many of their classes are globally recognized and are offered in easy-to-follow video formats. Plus, if you don’t want to commit, you can get the first 4 weeks free. 

Skillshares learnings offerings are focussed on creative education like graphic design and music production. There are other more technical topics available, but the creative sector is what they do best. The classes are broken down into easy-to-absorb sections; they utilize projects and have a forum to connect with other students. 

Coursera gears towards professionals with virtual classes from some of the world’s biggest companies and universities. The University of Stanford and Michigan are just 2 of the impressive colleges that offer courses. Taking about 4-6 weeks to complete, the courses use video lectures, peer-reviewed assignments, and community forums to make sure you get the most out of all their offerings. 

LinkedIns’ learning platform is tailor towards business professionals with over 1,00 courses in that sector on offer. You can also take advantage of the certifications on offer that are easy to add to your LinkedIn profile once you’ve achieved them.

The payment option is straightforward as the learning platform is tied into the LinkedIn Premium membership scheme.  

The Benefits Of Online Learning

The internet opens up new possibilities for everyone. And the opportunities for learning and boosting your career are huge. The selection of courses available is huge, so there’s something for everyone.

And they’re all incredibly flexible. Gone are the days where you’d have to give up a well-paid job to go back to school. This flexibility means that online learning is hugely customizable. It’s easy to make it fit your life, your skills, and your individual learning needs. 

The best part about getting online to learn something new is that it’s accessible. So everyone can reap the benefits. And you don’t have to miss that community feeling that being in university can give, thanks to accessible forums and real-life meet-ups. 

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