Key Family Financial Decisions That Every New Family Must Make

Written By Alla Levin
August 31, 2021

Key Family Financial Decisions That Every New Family Must Make

The financial decisions you make when starting a family are different from those you made before having children. It’s essential to get on the same page financially as soon as possible with your spouse because there is no turning back once kids enter the picture.

Here are some of the critical financial decisions that every new family should make!

How Will You Save for the Future?

For most new families, saving for the future is one of their top priorities. The first critical financial decision new families must make how much money they will save.

First, you should look at your budget to see how much cash flow you have coming in and going out. If your monthly income exceeds what it costs for the essentials (rent, food, utilities), then congratulations! You can start putting some of your extra money toward savings.

New families should try to save between ten and twenty percent of their income for the future. Another option is to set up a separate bank account where you put in five or ten percent every month, but this will only work if there isn’t another family member who needs financial support.

The Types of Insurance To Get

There are four types of insurance that every family should consider getting: life, health, disability, and long-term care. Unfortunately, there is no one correct answer for this decision, so you must understand your own needs and the costs involved with each type to make a good choice.

Life insurance protects your family against losing income due to your death, and health insurance protects your family against unexpected medical bills. When choosing your insurance provider, always ensure you investigate their previous works to affirm their previous track record.

Providers like Shawn Meaike’s Family First Life will always have your best interest at heart. Disability insurance will provide income for you if you become injured or ill and are unable to work.

The purpose of long-term care is to help pay the costs of a nursing home or in-home services if needed and other assisted living expenses like meals, housekeeping service, or transportation.

These are all very important for your family to consider, or they could end up with a significant financial burden when you pass on.

Will You Create a Trust Fund?

A trust fund protects your children’s assets, enables them to have some financial independence in their adult years, and ensures they will always be able to support themselves. It is excellent to ensure your children can live comfortably after their working years are over.

How Will You Acquire Assets?The Types of Investments To Get

There are many ways to handle this question, but the answer may differ depending on your personal goals and financial situation. Every family should consider a few critical decisions to ensure they make the best decision for their unique situation. Before you can make any decisions, it is essential to understand your current financial situation.

The Types of Investments To Get

Investing is a personal choice. What may work for one person will not necessarily be the best option for someone else. Therefore, you should always choose an investment that makes you feel comfortable with its risks and payoffs, as well as your understanding of the type of investment it is (i.e., equity or debt) before going forward. 


When you and your partner are ready to make some life-changing decisions, you should ask yourselves which financial goals you have, what kind of lifestyle you want to achieve in the future. It is easier to achieve your goals once you have everything in order.

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