How to Create the Right SAT Study Plan

Written By Alla Levin
February 28, 2020
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How to Create the Right SAT Study Plan

What approach are you using to study for your SAT?

Will it guarantee a score of 1600?

If you feel unsure, then it is time to reexamine your study schedule and come up with the right SAT study plan.

For starters, know that there is no standard study plan for every student. It changes on a case by case basis.

Also, your study plan should be a cycle of activities that help you schedule what you need to study on a step by step basis.

Hence, here are some tips that you can use to come up with a customized SAT study plan:

Have a Clear GoalHow to Create the Right SAT Study Plan

An effective SAT study plan aims at covering all the content that will be tested. Second, it helps you come up with strategies and tactics to pass the test.

Third, each practice session helps you work on your weak areas and enhance your strong points. Hence, set realistic goals that consider all these aspects.

Given all this, find out from your favorite college, what is the minimum SAT score that they accept when enrolling new students.

For example, at the Going Ivy website, colleges provide guidelines on what you should aim for in your SAT score.


Preparing for the SAT involves going through lots of study materials in a limited time. Hence, it would be best if you devised a technique to cover all this content in a good time.

Here are five strategies you can include in your study plan:

  1. Do practice tests. Opt for timed tests that simulate the test day conditions. Use the College Board questions only. Plus, keep all your electronics and other distractions away.
  2. Work on your vocabulary skills. For, part of your SAT preparation involves memorizing vocabulary. This way, you will have an easy time handling the essay-based questions.
  3. Practice how to write long essays. For example, aim for at least a 2-page essay that features valid arguments, illustrations, and conclusions. Then, work on delivering such an essay within 25 minutes.
  4. Never cram. Instead, set ample time to prepare for the exam.
  5. Mind your health. Yes, despite all our efforts to prepare for the SAT, we can fail if our bodies are not prepared. Hence, plan to create time for adequate sleep. Eat right, meditate, and exercise each day.

Do Practice Tests the Right WayDo Practice Tests the Right Way

Now, you don’t have to do too many practice tests to prepare for your SAT. Instead, pick on several such tests then do them the right way.

First, ensure that you review your wrong answers. Second, consider your correct answers. Yes, it helps you to determine if you could still have done it in a better way.

Third, seek new information, concepts, and tactics to improve your last score.

Indeed, it would be best if you always learned from your mistakes in every practice test you do. Otherwise, all those hours you spend doing the test will go to waste.


An ideal study plan for your SAT has to balance between learning and practice. Thus, set the time limit when you want to study for your SAT.

Then, schedule some practice tests to optimize your strengths and pinpoint your weaknesses.  All the best!

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