Marketing Trends For 2021
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15 Top Marketing Trends For 2025

When it comes to marketing your business, there are so many options, and you’ve likely already got a great campaign in place, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for improvement.

To help you to refresh your marketing strategies, check out these top fifteen marketing trends.

Nano-influencer collaborations

Working with nano-influencers is a great way to increase engagement rates and boost your brand power.

According to Forbes:

These influencers are generally defined as content creators with a social media platform below 10,000; their smaller size means their audiences tend to be more active and loyal, and their recommendations are perceived as more genuine.

There are several advantages of collaborating with nano-influencers, including:

  • These influencers have higher engagement rates;
  • Audiences tend to trust nano-influencers;
  • Inexpensive to work with;
  • Nano-influencer collaborations can help you to remain competitive.

Top Marketing Trends 2025: Use Stories To Stand Out

Marketing Trends for 2022

Research from 99 Firms discovered, ‘ In the US, 96% of marketers plan on using Stories shortly.’ Using Instagram Storie’s businesses can improve their brand visibility and get more leads. There are several ways that brands can use Stories, including:

  • Ask for feedback on products and services;
  • Repurpose blog content;
  • Draw attention to your new posts;
  • Use polls or quizzes.

Video Content

Video content has been a huge trend in the marketing world for some time now. There are plenty of benefits to producing video content. You can widen your reach, tell your brand story, and build a relationship with your audience.

From animations to tutorials, traditional ads, or behind-the-scenes videos, there are plenty of different ways to produce video content. You’ll need to find a great video production company, to help you create a successful video marketing campaign.

Personalized Marketing

Top Marketing Trends For 2021

According to Hubspot, ‘99% of marketers say personalization helps advance customer relationships, with 78% claiming it has a“strong” or “powerful” impact.’

Personalized marketing campaigns can help your brand to increase engagement and improve your user targeting; there are many ways that you can deliver personalized marketing campaigns, including:

  • Collect plenty of data on your existing and potential customers;
  • Design detailed buyer personas;
  • Send personalized emails;
  • Offer personalized product recommendations.

User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content refers to content that’s created by web users instead of brands. People will often create their own content about the products and services that they use whether it’s videos, images, or text. There are lots of benefits of using UGC to promote your brand:

  • According to TintUp, ‘When users create and share content on social media channels, they get 28% higher engagement compared to standard company posts.’
  • Audiences trust content created by people more than they trust traditional advertising.
  • User-Generated Content is a cheap way to improve your marketing efforts.

Live Events

Top Marketing Trends

Live events are an excellent way to support your marketing strategies, when you put on a live marketing event you can access the following advantages:

  • Live events can help you to generate awareness and gain exposure for your brand;
  • With the help of life events, you can interact with your audiences;
  • Can help you to widen your reach and drive revenue.

Combine digital & in-person experiences

Many consumers prefer online shopping, to entice consumers to visit you in-store and try offering special experiences. Create special areas where customers can take selfies for their social media, use pop-up booths for extra value.

When you combine aspects of digital shopping and in-person shopping you can offer your customers an extra special experience. There are several other ways that you can enhance the in-store shopping experience:

  • Use self-service and mobile payment options for a streamlined experience;
  • Host special in-store events, for example, workshops or classes.

Implement Social Commerce

Implement Social Commerce

Social commerce means that customers can purchase products on social media, without ever needing to leave the app. Social shopping is incredibly popular, when you implement social commerce you’ll soon improve your marketing strategy. Brands that use social commerce and access the following benefits:

  • Social commerce can help you to increase brand awareness;
  • Social shopping makes it simple to target the right consumers;
  • You can use social commerce to enhance your ROI;
  • With the help of social commerce, the customer journey is far easier.

Collaborate With The Customers

Collaborating with the customers can help you to improve your products and market your business. It’s useful to use consumer collaboration during the different stages of the product life cycle.

Working with customers can help you to boost the success of your services and products and keep your target audience happy. When customers feel a part of the process, this can help you to create a sense of community. To start collaborating with your customers, consider the following strategies:

  • Carry out detailed target market research and improve your buyer personas;
  • Use surveys to get feedback about your products;
  • Collect and use UGC content to improve your social media efforts.

Unboxing Experience

Top Marketing Trends

The unboxing experience is significant, when done right you can use the experience to improve your appeal. When your customers receive their products, they should feel as though they are unwrapping an exciting gift.

You can achieve this by using eye-catching packaging, cool artwork, great presentation, and perhaps a few surprises. There are so many ways that a great unboxing experience can enhance your marketing campaigns:

  • Influencers and your target audience may post the unboxing experience online;
  • Businesses can use the experience to tell their brand story;
  • You can use the experience to drive loyalty and improve the customer experience;
  • A strong unboxing experience can help you to remain competitive.

Marketing Trends for 2021: Optimize For Voice & Image

Businesses need to optimize their content if they want to get seen online. This year, image and voice searches are becoming more popular, so you’ll need to ensure your content is optimized for these searches.

Equally, businesses must ensure that they create content to respond to all types of search intent. There are four types of search intent including informational, navigational, transactional, and commercial investigation. Your website visitors will be at different stages in the product life cycle, which is why search intent is so important.

Virtual Reality

Marketing Trends for 2021

This year, many brands are using VR to take their marketing campaigns to the next level. If you’d like a little inspiration, check out these VR marketing examples:

  • Lowe’s: Holoroom How To: Lowe stores feature ‘virtual skills training clinics’ to teach customers home-improvement skills (Hubspot 2021).
  • Adidas: Back in 2017 Adidas teamed up with a tech marketing business, creating a VR experience to follow the journey of two pro mountain climbers.
  • Toms Shoes: The Toms Shoe brand is well known for philanthropy. Each time someone buys a pair of shoes, they donate a pair to a child who needs them. The company created a special VR experience that takes the audience on a trip to Peru (to experience the charitable campaign).

Marketing Trends for 2021: Chatbots

If you want to improve your marketing campaigns, try using Chatbots on your website. It’s normal for your site visitors to have queries, and many consumers find it inconvenient to call on the phone. Chatbots can be programmed to answer a large number of queries, and there are lots of benefits to using them on your site:

  • Chatbots can boost conversion rates;
  • These can be asked to gather feedback;
  • An inexpensive way to improve your site;
  • Can ease the pressure on your employees;
  • Automation speeds up your operations and boosts efficiency.


Heat mapping tools

In 2021, businesses are collecting more data than ever before. With the help of marketing analytics, businesses can see where they are succeeding and which areas need a little more attention.

Heat mapping tools can be helpful in gathering website analytics. With the help of these tools, you can study customer behavior, using patterns to make improvements.

A few of the most popular heat mapping tools include Crazy Egg, HotJar, and Lucky Orange. Data tools like these can help you to take your marketing campaigns to the next level. To get more insights, consider asking your customers to provide feedback.

Marketing Trends for 2025: Educational Content

If you want to widen your reach, it’s important to offer educational content. Your visitors will have lots of questions about your industry and products, using blogs and videos, you can answer these questions in a fun and engaging way. When you’re creating educational content, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Research your competitors to ensure that your content stands out;
  • Ensure that you create consistent content across all your channels;
  • All content needs to be SEO optimized to attract users to your site;
  • Your content should help you to represent your brand as an authoritative figure within the industry;
  • Professional content will help you to improve your brand reputation.

With so many trends to explore, it is an exciting year for marketing. Using these fifteen trends, you can create a campaign to boost the success of your company.

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