5 Questions To Ask Before A Bathroom Remodel

Written By Alla Levin
September 09, 2021

5 Questions To Ask Before A Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are trendy rooms to remodel as there are so many ways you can take it and improve it. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself before agreeing to anything.

The questions below will help you figure out exactly how the remodeling process will proceed, what it might cost, and so on. By the end, you’ll know two main things. Firstly, you’ll understand if this is a worthwhile project or not. Secondly, you’ll have a much clearer plan of action if you do go ahead and remodel your bathroom. 

On that note, let’s look at the questions you need to ask yourself:

How much does bathroom remodels typically cost?

Now, the exact price will depend on what you’re doing to your bathroom. Are you just replacing some of the main bathroom furniture? Are you relaying all the tiles and leaving everything else as is? Or, are you having a complete overhaul that includes new furnishings, tiles, and some extra installations?

Clearly, the more work you’re having done, the more expensive your bathroom remodel will be. If you click here, you’ll see that the average cost of bathroom remodeling is around $9,798. That’s a lot of money, but yours can be significantly cheaper if you’re having less stuff done.

Regardless, you can use this figure as a benchmark when getting quotes for the project. If you’re way above this, you know that you’re either being ripped off or simply asking too much from your remodeling job. Also, having an idea of the average price can help you wonder if this is an investment you can afford to make. 

How much work do you need to do?designing your dream bathroom

How extensive will your bathroom remodel be? We touched upon this in the previous point, but the fact remains you need to ask yourself how much work will be done during this project.

It’s a simple case of designing your dream bathroom, then comparing it to what you already have. If you’re happy with the shower or bath and sink, you won’t need to rip them out and buy/install new ones. Instead, you work around them and install anything else you need. 

There are no rules on how much work you should have done on your bathroom; it’s completely up to you and how much you like your current one. As mentioned before, you might like everything in your bathroom apart from the floor and walls. In which case, you need a retiling job, and the whole process is done!

How will you remodel your bathroom? 

This seems like the same question as above, but there’s a significant difference. Here, we’re not talking about how in terms of how you want it to be designed. Instead, it’s more to do with how you will physically carry out all of the work. 

Are you going to do it yourself? Do you have family members or friends that can help out? Or, will you need some bathroom remodeling contractors to do everything for you?

Unless you’re a DIY pro, the latter option is the best. Doing it yourself will be cheaper, but having a professional come in and handle things leads to less stress, a quicker process, and access to trade discounts on some supplies and materials. 

How will you cope without access to your bathroom?

It would help if you also thought of the logistics of a bathroom remodeling project. Mainly, how are you going to handle life without a functioning bathroom? If your toilet is in the bathroom, you have a serious problem to solve, especially if you plan to remove the toilet and get a new one – or move it to a different place in the bathroom. 

Effectively, it would help if you worked out how to cope without access to your bathroom for a few hours per day. In some cases, you can let someone work in your bathroom all day, then leave the toilet and shower functioning when they leave.

This way, you can keep using them, and you need to wash them either before or after they leave. From a toilet perspective, things can easily be solved if you have a second toilet in the house, which many homes do. Alternatively, you’ll need to think about visiting a friend or family member’s home if you don’t have access to another toilet in the house. 

Do you need a bath and shower?

When it comes to choosing what’s in your new bathroom, you should approach the topic of baths vs. showers. Do you really need both? If you currently have a bath, a great bathroom remodels, the idea is to get rid of it and have a standalone shower.

Instantly, you give your bathroom more space, so it feels bigger and more open. You could even entertain the idea of having a wet room, which is basically a large open shower area in your bathroom. 

Alternatively, you might think about installing a bath if you don’t currently have one. They do have pros and cons, the main pro being that a bath is a place to lie and relax if you’re feeling stressed. If you’d like this in your home, then you will need a bath. There’s no reason you can’t have both items in your bathroom, but it’s worth asking the question as this can help you save money on your project if you choose to only go for one or the other. 

That final question brings us to the end of this piece. Ask yourself all of the questions above, and really take time to think about your answers. Ultimately, the answers to all of the questions will help you figure out the answer to the first one.

Ironically, this is the most important question, as the cost of your remodeling project will determine if it is possible or not. While you won’t be forced into upgrading your bathroom, it is worth noting that this is an investment that will improve your daily life and add value to your property.

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