5 Main Advantages Of Investing In A Flueless Gas Fireplace This Autumn

Written By Alla Levin
August 18, 2021

5 Main Advantages Of Investing In A Flueless Gas Fireplace This Autumn

You will be forgiven if you have never heard of a flueless gas fire. Such innovative inventions are brand new to the public market and are fast becoming the most desirable fireplace setup of them all. Here are five main advantages of investing in a flueless gas fireplace this autumn.

Low Carbon Emissions

Flueless fires have significantly lower amounts of carbon emissions than their chimney-bearing counterparts. Therefore, they are substantially better for the environment and will contribute to running a much more eco-friendly home.

The latest catalytic technology converts the molecules of carbon traveling in the hot air as it exits the combustion chamber into carbon dioxide, thus neutralizing harmful particles in the air.

Bespoke Designs

Professional and established fireplace shops london can design your bespoke and personal bespoke flueless fireplace to your exact specifications and design needs. Due to the lack of necessary chimney elements, Flueless fireplaces and alcohol fireplaces are considerably smaller and lighter than their predecessors and offer wider flexibility when remodeling or rearranging the room. As flueless gas fireplaces use considerably less space, they are a favored option amongst interior designers.


After the initial installation, which is cheaper than the standard installation costs of a traditional fireplace, flueless gas fires are significantly cheaper to maintain and run. Furthermore, the more you use your flueless fireplace, the more you save money, as long as you ensure there is an approximately 125mm hole drilled into the wall with access to the air outside. With gas prices constantly increasing, your energy bills will obviously quite simultaneously also increase, so now is the perfect time to update and upgrade to a flueless gas fireplace.

Safety First!traditional fireplace

Installing a flueless gas fireplace is entirely safe in your family home, as long as you have them fitted by a professional and experienced company that does not cut one single corner through the entirety of the installation process. Additionally, much like a traditional fireplace, you should have the system serviced every year by a registered engineer.

It is universally accepted that flueless fireplaces are one of the safest heating products available on the market, and the addition of the catalytic converter means the warmth projected from your fireplace can be enjoyed without the stress, fear, and worry of any potential accidents taking place whilst the fireplace is in use.

Learn How They Work!

Essentially, flueless gas fireplaces contain advanced and innovative technology to make the air around them as clean as possible, obtained by an air vent created during the installation process.

Flueless gas fires utilize a catalytic converter built into the system, which essentially cleans the exhaust gases released during the burning process. The sheer and underrated importance of knowing how different systems and installations within your home operate can even help you avoid a potential accident.

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