Home Security Systems: Most Common Crimes That Occur in the Home

Written By Alla Levin
October 10, 2021

Home Security Systems: Most Common Crimes That Occur in the Home

What are the most common crimes that occur in the home? Our homes are supposed to be a safe space that allows us to unwind and relax from the stress of everyday life, yet for many, it’s a scary location where they may be open to being harmed or robbed.

Unfortunately, no home is completely safe, and crime does happen in these locations where we try to unwind and forget our daily troubles. These are the most common crimes that occur in and to homes, and how to protect yourself.


Larceny is a type of theft that means taking the property of another person or business.  This may mean something huge, like someone stealing your vintage record collection, or something almost ridiculous like stealing your garden gnome from your front yard.  

This unlawful theft of personal property is a big reason why security alarm systems are so popular since people rightfully want to protect the things they own.  

Burglary common crimes that occur in the home

A style of theft also known as breaking, burglary is the unlawful entry into any structure to commit a crime.  That crime can mean theft, robbery, or murder, but it’s never a reason you want to have associated with your home.

Unfortunately, it’s not always when you assume a break-in would happen, with most happening between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. while most people are more likely to be at work or school.

Motor Vehicle Theft

Motor vehicle theft, or car theft, is thankfully a declining crime that’s devastating when it happens.  We use our vehicles for everything from getting to work to getting someone to the hospital in an emergency. 

Vehicle theft doesn’t just refer to cars, though; it also means boats, planes, motorcycles, or other motor-propelled vehicles. Unfortunately, this type of theft could lose you tens of thousands if your insurance doesn’t cover it, so it’s not something fun to face.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes within the household are more likely to be perpetrated by someone else who lives within the home.  We want to believe that we’re safe and surround ourselves with people who are good and want the best for us, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

The best way to avoid violent crimes is clear communication and talking to friends and family about anything that may concern you.  This can help you notice red flags or avoid a potentially dangerous situation.


Arson is the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to any property. This malicious act can cost you thousands in repairs or could end in losing a life if things go poorly enough.

Besides good siding and quick access to emergency services, there’s no good way to avoid arson. A fire can quickly be started with minimal effort and can leave your home in devastation if not caught and stopped quickly.

Common crimes that occur in the home: vandalism

Vandalism is something that everyone’s seen. Although this can often be fixed or corrected, it’s still upsetting to have your property mistreated or destroyed. To avoid vandalism, sometimes the best thing you can do is join a neighborhood watch or discuss your concerns with the local HOA.

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