Decorate the Casket for Our Loved One’s Funeral

Written By Sam Jones
October 14, 2021

3 Unique Ways You Can Decorate the Casket for Our Loved One’s Funeral

If you are the person in charge of the funeral planning process for your loved one, then you need to make sure that you keep all of the details in mind before the big day comes. During this momentous day, you want everything to be perfect – people are going to be coming to pay their respects and homage to your loved one who passed, so you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly, the decorations are perfect, and the casket that you choose is perfect.

Consider using some of these unique casket decoration ideas when you are debating whether to use a cremation casket, casket, coffins, and urns for your loved one’s funeral. This way, you can add a little bit of your loved one’s personality to their funeral and ensure that it stays with the theme, is respectful, and aesthetically complementary to the rest of the decorations. You can contact Titan Casket and let them help you design and decorate the ideal casket for your dearest loved one.

3 unique ways to decorate a casket

If you want to decorate a basket with respect and homage to your loved one, sometimes it can be best to add a bit of their personality, hobbies, likes, and flair to the casket decorations. Were they always interested in music, and did they enjoy playing the guitar? If so, why not add their favorite musical instrument in the casket with them? By showing some of their interest and love, you can really make the funeral feel personalized and less sterile.

Include their interests

Include the interests of your loved one when you are using unique decorations for your casket. If you know that your loved one always enjoyed traveling, consider adding some of their favorite travel mementos and souvenirs to the casket. If they went around the world and collect stamps from various countries, adding to their stamp collection, the casket would be a unique, memorable, and honorable way to pay respects to your loved one who has passed.


Another unique way to decorate a casket for our loved one’s funerals is to add photos. These photos can be anything from photos of them with family members, pictures of them with their spouse, or pictures of them doing their favorite activities. If you know the loved one’s favorite photos, consider adding the front and center to your casket decorations.

Special flowers

The last way that you can uniquely decorate the casket for your loved one is to add special flowers that indicate what your loved one was like or what they enjoyed. If your loved one was very spiritual, then you can add a flower that symbolizes peace, unity, and spirituality. If your loved one really enjoyed the bright blue lilac flowers, consider adding some lilacs to the casket decorations. You can combine flowers and photos to create a personalized, unique, and memorable decoration.


When it comes to creating the best casket for your loved one’s funeral, make sure you consider their personality, interests, and family. Add unique flowers, photos, and interests to really capture the essence of your loved one!

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