Overnight Paddling Trip: Having New Paddle Boards 

Written By Alla Levin
October 16, 2021
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Overnight Paddling Trip: Tips to Pack It Right Beyond Just Having New Paddle Boards

With the holiday season hitting around the corner, vacation and travel goals are all that you hear. With people having different interests and desires, there are a lot of chatters that go around to enjoy a perfect vacation. Holiday destinations, beaches, food, hotels, paddling, sounds relishing.

Wait, did you hear a paddling trip? It is loved and can entice every paddler enthusiast who has paddling SUP on their bucket list. So, are you someone wishing to kick start a paddling trip with friends this holiday season? Do you wish to stay geared up for a successful paddling weekend tour?

Here is how you can get started:

Pre-plan your paddling itinerary

You cannot simply walk away with your paddleboards without a holidaying itinerary. Apart from buying paddling gears from Onyx Motion Paddle Sports, it would help if you also did some pre-planning before you hop out. 

Everything requires some advance scheduling, ranging from calculating the number of miles you will be paddling to the time when you have to roll back to your camp and the spot you will choose. Make sure that you chalk out the same beforehand.

Weather check Onyx Motion Paddle Sports

Heading out for a paddle trip to know that it will rain heavily can be a total mood spoiler. Weather can be unpredictable and may change quickly. Thus, always check out how the weather will treat you on a particular day before you step for a paddling excursion.

List your packing essentials

Packing is one of the most imperative things to consider while heading out for any trip. May it be a casual vacation or a paddle trip, packing it right is a must so that you do not miss out on things that may be essentially required during your expedition. 

Instead of finding yourself in a situation wherein your mouth goes wide on discovering that you forgot to keep some important stuff, always make a checklist, and you know how to proceed further.


Depending on the climate of the place where you are going for a paddle trip, make sure that you keep clothes accordingly. Do not forget to bring layers if it’s chilly out there where you wish to try your paddle sports. 

On the contrary, make friends with all your swimwear and easy-breezy short clothes if you travel to a hotspot. Also, do not overlook other accessories such as boots, undergarments, socks, etc.

Safety comes first Onyx Motion Paddle Sports

You can come across unexpected situations during your paddle excursion. Thus, safety essentials are a requisite. By saying this, we do not wish to scare and skimp you off, but playing safe should be your motto.

Hence, stay geared up with safety essentials such as a first aid kit, sunscreen, signaling device, headlamp, compass, and all other safety items that you can think of.

Overnight paddling trip: conclusion

So, are you all ready to have a jolly good time paddling your way? Make sure that you check out this guide and follow the same to enjoy the waters and be thankful that you could accomplish your paddling goals without any hitch.

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