Perfect Diamond Cut Franco Chain
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Choosing The Perfect Diamond Cut Franco Chain

If you’ve been using social media, you probably would have noticed popular celebrities and rappers sporting these stylish, shiny gold chains. But, what exactly are these gold accessories? And, how do I get one for myself? Read on more to find out.

Firstly, the name Franco derives from an Italian jewelry designer who invented this particular design of chain link. Although it initially drew inspiration from Cuban Chains, gold Franco chains have an extra four sides and are braided into the trademark ‘V’ pattern. This uniquely beautiful and masculine design creates a sturdy, durable, and intricate accessory that is hassle and tangle-free.

They are also unlikely to kink, as the square style of the chains enables them to remain uniform and smooth. Similarly, a ‘diamond cut’ on a gold chain means that the jeweler has cut small notches into the metal links, which are then polished to exemplify sparkling reflections. As such, you can be sure that your Diamond Cut Franco Chain would be way more flashy and sparkly than a regular gold chain. 

Determining Your Size For Diamond Cut Franco ChainsDiamond Cut Franco Chain

The common width sizes available are three to five millimeters, which weigh about 54 to 96 grams. Consider the appearance, weight as well as budget when you are choosing which necklace width best fits your preferences.

If you’re looking for something more understated, you may want to go for a smaller three-millimeter necklace. However, if you desire something more eye-catching, a wider five-millimeter necklace might be more suitable for you. For more professional-looking chains, the three or four-millimeter chains might be a good shout. Do take note that the price also increases in tandem with the weight and width of the necklace.

The next factor to take into consideration is the length of the chain. You can decide on this by accounting for your build, the clothes you intend to pair the chain with, the look you are going forward, the environment you are in as well as your personal preference. The rule of thumb is the bigger you are, the longer and thicker the chain, and vice versa.

Three millimeters generally range between 18 to 24 inches, while five-millimeter chains can go up to 30 inches in length. If you intend to wear the chain with a pendant daily, then find a suitable length that matches the size of the pendant best. Additionally, getting a chain that works best in your workplace is also important and helps to keep the look together without getting in your way. 

Another consideration is choosing a gold color that matches your skin tone. While gold is widely considered to be a timeless piece of jewelry, pure gold is often mixed in with other metals to create different shades of gold. For warm undertones, the yellow gold chains look the best, whereas cool and neutral undertones suit white gold chains and rose gold chains most respectively.

Do They Go Well With Pendants?

Since Diamond Cut Franco Chains are sturdy yet aesthetic, they make a versatile piece of jewelry that is ideal for withstanding the weight of pendants even for everyday use.

Due to the way that the necklace links are structured, they allow for fluid and free movement of the pendant throughout the necklace and do not compromise on the entire look and feel of the necklace. The signature clasps are also carefully designed such that it fits comfortably through most pendant bails and is seamless with the entire design of the necklace.

Finally, all chains sold are solid unless indicated otherwise. While semi-solid or even hollow chains are available, solid chains still are the highest quality in terms of durability. 

Which Gold Should I Pick?

So, after choosing the Diamond Cut Franco Chain that matches your lifestyle and preferences, you might be wondering how would say, a yellow gold chain differs from that of a white gold chain?

Being yellow by nature, yellow gold is usually associated with success, power, and wealth. It is also rust, corrosion, and tarnish-resistant, making it a suitable choice for almost all styles of chains. On the other hand, white gold has a modern feel to it and is slightly more subtle than yellow gold. While it might look similar to silver, it is much more resistant to wear and tear over time.

White gold chains are infused with rhodium which might turn dull over time, depending on the frequency and habits of the wearer. This color is suitable for those who are going for a more subtle look. Lastly, rose gold is a suitable choice for almost every skin tone. The hues of pink complement a wide variety of styles that exudes strength and beauty.

All Diamond Cut Franco Chains are made in Italy and imported to the USA. Famous for its delicate craftsmanship and being at the forefront of style and fashion, the Diamond Cut Franco Chains would undoubtedly exceed expectations. They also tend to be slightly heavier as they are made from solid gold.

Specifications And Other DetailsWhich Gold Should I Pick

All jewelry pieces come with a lifetime warranty. However, brand new jewelry pieces can and will be accepted for exchanges or returns within 14 days from their date of purchase. Returns are to be made in their entirety with the original packaging, while only the price difference and shipping charges (if applicable) must be paid for any exchanges. However, pieces that have been customized would not be accepted for exchange or return. 

Payment can be made via all major credit cards and other e-payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal just to list a few. After payment is made, shipment and delivery can take anywhere between three working days to three weeks, depending on what and how many pieces you purchase.


Other information about the Diamond Cut Franco Chain that might be useful for your reference include that white gold chains are rhodium plated for extra protection, each chain is stamped with its respective hallmark on the chain clasp and clasps, such as that of the proclamation signature clasps, which are the same material as the chains, are made wholly in the USA. 

Regardless of your preference, we hope this article has been helpful in addressing some of the questions you might have and painting a clearer picture of the Diamond Cut Franco Chain.

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