The World's Best Coworking Spaces
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The World’s Best Coworking Spaces

The global pandemic has pushed companies towards more flexible working arrangements to meet their employees’ needs. With remote and hybrid work setups becoming more common, establishments that accommodate nomadic workers are becoming increasingly popular.

This seismic shift has skyrocketed the demand for coworking spaces. In 2017, there were only 542,000 people using coworking spaces internationally, and this number is projected to continue on its rise to over 1 million by 2022. 

The growth trajectory of coworking spaces is no mystery. They provide a convenient, well-equipped venue for people to feel productive and get work done with minimal distraction.

They also allow those who use them to connect and collaborate with other entrepreneurs in their industry. There are numerous benefits to working in a coworking space.

Whether you’re a nomad looking for the next best place to work in the country or city you’re traveling to, or perhaps a local seeking somewhere new to get your creativity flowing, these are some of the best coworking spaces across the globe:

London, United Kingdom

This city is well-loved for its diversity in everything from art, culture, and history to business, finance, and trade. Among the people who flock to England’s capital are entrepreneurs, which explains why over 30 coworking spaces are available for locals and visitors. Here’s one of the city’s best for your next trip:

✅ WeWork

Located at 8 Devonshire Square London (with 10 other locations)

Private offices, dedicated desks, full-floor workspaces, and open workspaces

Day pass (at the time of writing) is GBP 45/day (around USD 61)

WeWork is a company that has branches internationally. Its multiple locations in London have amenities that can meet the various needs of nomadic workers — from private spaces and wellness rooms to entire office floors and bicycle parking. The numerous branches are sure to meet your needs.

Paris, FranceThe World's Best Coworking Spaces

The city of love is a haven for romantics and business-minded and an even wider array of travelers with different needs. One of the destination’s first coworking spaces is also now one of its most popular:


10 Richelieu Street (with seven other locations)

Cafe with baristas, recording studio, meeting rooms, and isolated spaces for calls

Day pass (at the time of writing) is EUR 26/day (around USD 30)

Anticafé is a more laid-back take on usual coworking spaces. Its focus is on providing flexible work locations in a cafe ambiance, serving both beverages and snacks to its clients. Among its unique features is a recording studio, ideal for those wanting to record anything from podcasts to music, as well as a gaming area for space users who want to take a break from their duties.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Considered by many as the gateway to Africa, Johannesburg is a bustling city home to a diverse population with varied interests, including tech, finance, and business. With more and more people visiting and even relocating to the city, its establishments continue to expand. One of its best nomad-friendly locations is:

✅Cube Workspace

Johannesburg Fourways

Private offices, dedicated desks, personal lockers, onsite barista, and relaxation rooms

Day pass (at the time of writing) is ZAR 2,100 (around USD 137 )

Cube Workspace is one of the higher-end workspaces available to nomads — it even comes with its own golf course! Baristas and caterers are also available onsite to provide food to guests who need sustenance.

Bali, Indonesia Best Coworking Spaces

Bali is a destination known for its beautiful views: it attracts couples, families, and individuals looking for an exotic getaway. Not everyone is here for a vacation, though, as some people work remotely while enjoying an island lifestyle. Here’s a place you can get productive while enjoying the scenery:

✅ HuBud

Monkey Forest Road 88x, Ubud, Gianyar

Desk spaces, mailboxes, meeting rooms, and event spaces

Day pass (at the time of writing) is IDR 220,000 (around USD 15)

One of the unique things about HuBud is that it also offers co-living spaces. Not only can you complete work, hold meetings, or receive mail here, but it’s also a place you can stay if you’re planning to bring your team to Bali or go there yourself.

Sydney, Australia

Known for its stunning tourist attractions, ranging from architecture and museums to nature and water views, Sydney is a popular city. Unsurprisingly, those who want to do business visit the area as it continues to thrive! Here’s where you can work productively and in comfort if you’re in the area:

✅ Berrins

2/40 East Esplanade, Manly

Hot desks, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, breakout rooms, and a cafe

Day pass (at time of writing) is  AUD 59 (around USD 44)

Berrins is the place for business, marketing, and fintech individuals looking to get productive and connect with others in their niche. This space offers the convenience of an office and a cafe all in one while being located near the waterfront.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This culturally and historically rich country is a favorite destination in South America. When you’re in the area, make sure not to miss the heritage that surrounds you, be it through food, tours, or local experiences! If you want to take a break from exploring and dive into work, here’s a coworking space that has become a city favorite:

✅ Manawa Coworking Creativo

Nicaragua 4817. CP 1414. Buenos Aires (between Borges and Thames)

Three floors of coworking spaces, mailboxes, relaxation rooms, and event spaces

Day pass (at time of writing) is ARS 1,000 (around USD 10)

Manawa is a hub for creatives that focuses on natural light and an earthy interior to help bring calmness and focus to its guests. They have open terraces and relaxation rooms that provide an avenue for productivity in the heart of this bustling city.

New York City, New York, USA

Last but certainly not least, New York is an amazing city immortalized by countless films, songs, and stories. It truly is a melting pot of diverse people — creatives, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and more can be found chasing and achieving their dreams in ‘the city that never sleeps.

As more and more people transit through the Big Apple, the need for productivity-conducive working environments increases as well. This space is undeniably one of the city’s best places to get your business game on:

The Farm Soho

447 Broadway (with 4 locations around the city)

Private offices, coworking spaces, event spaces, mailboxes, and unlimited refreshments

The day pass (at the time of writing) is USD 29

The Farm Soho is among the top city destinations to get your work done — some of the best and brightest teams have placed their trust in this beautifully designed and convenient space. Teams like Grammarly, Depop, and Headspin have used office spaces here! 

The Farm provides its members and guests with access to exclusive communities to network with professionals in their industry and outside of it. Aside from allowing innovative minds to focus and collaborate, it’s also an excellent spot to utilize as a venue for business and social events.

The potential is limitless for everything from weddings, bridal showers, and bar mitzvahs to networking get-togethers, product launches, art exhibits, yoga classes, and small shows. Learn more about their venues and coworking offerings on their website.

Coworking is changing how we view work and what we can consider as spaces of productivity. Over time, these facilities will continue to evolve and increase, encouraging more people to enjoy life while getting their work done.

If you’re headed towards New York City and are looking for a comfortable, convenient, well-equipped, and affordable place to complete your work, don’t miss the chance to visit The Farm Soho – and the best cafes in the city! Safe travels, nomads!

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