10 Key Factors to Consider When Searching for a Vehicle Storage Unit

Written By Alla Levin
November 09, 2021

10 Key Factors to Consider When Searching for a Vehicle Storage Unit

Many reasons may prompt you to store your car in a storage facility. You probably want to go for a vacation, or you’re selling the car and need a place where potential buyers can view it, or maybe you love collecting cars and need storage.

Whatever the reason, you need to ensure your car is in a safe and secure place. You also need to ensure the place is convenient and accessible, and affordable. Below we explore why you may need to store your vehicle and some factors to consider when looking for a car storage facility.

Why You Need to Store A Car

Various reasons can prompt you to store your car in a storage facility. These might include:

Seasonal Use or Rarely Used Vehicles

If the car is occasionally used or during specific seasons, you may consider storing it when it’s off-season. A good example is convertible cars, which are mostly used during summer. The vehicle is not only protected but also frees your garage for other vehicles.

If You Need Security for The VehicleNeed Security for The Vehicle

Most storage facilities have tight security, presenting a better option when it comes to storage. Most of these facilities have 24/7 surveillance cameras, access through controlled gates, and fenced perimeter walls. Parking on the street may result in your car being stolen or vandalized.

Need for Long-term Storage

If you will be away for longer periods, your vehicle is safe in a storage facility away from the harsh weather and other risks such as damage.

You Do Not Have Parking Space

If you don’t have a parking space, you may opt to park your vehicle in a storage unit. If you prefer a drive-up storage unit, you may opt to use the storage facility as a garage where you park your car and pick it up whenever you need it.

Vehicle Storage Unit: You Live In an Area with Harsh Winter

If you live in an area where the winters are especially icy or prone to snowfall, you don’t have to subject your car to such weather. If unattended for a length of time, your car could get damaged from the harsh elements.

What to Consider When Searching for a Vehicle Storage Unit

When searching for a vehicle storage unit, you need to consider the factors highlighted below:

The Vehicle Storage Costs

Storing your vehicle doesn’t have to be expensive, considering there are different plans and options. You may consider monthly plans instead of signing long-term contracts as long as the difference in pricing is fair. Some storage facilities give a free one month, and others allow you to cancel the contract any time you wish to. These are positive signs as you may decide to dispose of the vehicle before the contract is over. The free one-month storage means you get to save some money.

Storage Facility Location

Always consider a storage facility near your home for ease of access. This is important If you will be required to travel back and forth. A vehicle may require some monitoring, especially the engine and battery, to ensure good shape. Since fluids, tires, and batteries are the most affected, you may be required to start and run the vehicle after every 30 days. You do not want to travel miles away every month for such checks. Proximity means you can n send someone to check the vehicle’s condition for you.

Hours of Operation and AccessHours of Operation and Access

You want a storage facility where you can easily access your vehicle, always consider a storage facility whose access times are convenient for you. An ideal storage facility operates 24/7. This way, you don’t have to keep negotiating access to your vehicle, especially with facilities that operate only on weekdays.

Security and Safety Measures

Your vehicle’s safety and security should be a top priority. There’s no need to take your valued vehicle to a storage facility only to lose it through theft or vandalism. Consider the available security features before opting for a storage facility. Check if they have a perimeter wall,  surveillance cameras, 24/7 monitoring, and extra security steps at the entrance before access. Some facilities only offer a lock and key, and this may not be adequate.

Check Whether the Units are Climate-Controlled

Climate-controlled units protect your vehicle from extreme temperature to ensure your vehicle stays in good condition. For longer-term storage, always consider indoor climate-controlled storage.

Storage Unit Dimensions

Storage units differ depending on the dimensions. You want to pick a space that will enable you to maneuver around the vehicle but doesn’t cost you extra for space you may not need. Don’t forget to check the ceiling height for taller vehicles.

Type of Storage

If you are storing the vehicle for a few months, you may consider outdoor storage, which is cheaper than indoor storage. However, for longer periods, you want to consider an enclosed place.

Some vehicles may need shielding, especially in areas with adverse weather conditions. Other vehicles may be pricey, and you may not want to expose them to open parking areas. Generally, most cars do well in both covered and uncovered parking, a factor that is considered when they are being manufactured.

Unless it’s a long-term storage arrangement, you may consider the above option. However, if it’s a pricey vehicle or a classic model, you may consider indoor storage. This is one of the most expensive storage options, and you may opt to forfeit it unless it’s essential.

Insurance Options

You may need additional insurance for your vehicle. This protects it from theft, fire, water damage, and other unforeseen events. This provides you with proper compensation in case of an occurrence. Always go for a storage facility with affordable insurance options considering your vehicle is already insured.

Positive Reviews, Ratings, and Reputation

Ensure you store your car in a reputable storage facility, especially for safety and security. Find testimonials from friends and family and online reviews.

Other Key Services

Some storage facilities may offer to transport the vehicle if, for some reason, it cannot be driven. Others have valeting and detailing services which include thorough cleaning before storage. Other facilities check the car on your behalf after every two months. They check the battery condition, examine tires, and run the car to get the fluids moving.

The type of storage that you eventually choose depends on many aspects. Whatever facility you opt for, always ensure you prioritize security, safety, and affordability.

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