The Need for Cybersecurity in the Gaming Industry

Written By Alla Levin
November 12, 2021
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The Need for Cybersecurity in the Gaming Industry

The online gaming industry has become a huge marketplace in the 21st century, especially over the last few years. With a host of new video games being available online, and newer and cooler gaming consoles coming up, the gaming industry is booming.

With the introduction of Esports and the prize pools, the online gaming industry is also seeing a lot of real money action via online casinos and other artificial intelligence-operated online gaming wars.

These include livekasino games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and sports betting. With a forecast of the online gaming industry generating up to an amazing amount of $200 billion in revenue by 2022, online gaming has been boosted not only by technological advancements but also by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With scores of people stuck inside their homes all over the world due to the lockdowns and the restrictions laid down, online gaming has reached new user peaks with more and more people finding it to be a highly enjoyable way to pass the time and even make new friends online to play with or battle against.

But, as with any good thing like darmowe spiny bez depozytu online gaming also has certain cons when it comes to providing cybersecurity to its users. With the use of online connectivity comes the threat of your sensitive personal information or financial data being leaked out or hacked. Through this article, you will get to know all about the different cybersecurity risks posed by online gaming services and how to overcome them all, one by one. So, read on!

Computer Viruses and Malware

This is one of the first kinds of cybersecurity issues that you as an online gamer might face once you start your online gaming experience. Since these online games are played via the internet, and often via cloud streaming services, there is a high risk of you downloading or opening an attachment with a game only to find that it contains a computer virus instead.

Ensure that you play games from well-known online sites and do not select sites that look shady, no matter how appealing a game may look. Always remember that Trojan malware looks and behaves just like ordinary software installations would and therefore, you can always be tricked into installing them crashing your computer, and getting your personal information leaked that way.

Ransomwarer Cybersecurity in the Gaming Industry

Typically, this cybersecurity risk is just like how a kidnapping situation would go. With software laden with viruses, these cybercriminals steal your sensitive personal or even financial information and then start contacting you via email, phone number, or addresses in order to get a ransom so that they can delete your data from their roster.

Phishing and Stolen Identity

Phishing is something almost all online gamers are aware of. Rhyming with fishing is actually a way in which cybercriminals use the gaming community to target you. In the guise of a friend from a gaming community, the cyber-criminal will get you to like them and be buddies with them. Then they will start to extort information out of you of all sorts of personal nature.

They always start out slow, spreading their net of deceit slowly but steadily till they have just the correct amount of data to blackmail you or to use your identity to conduct the illegal and nefarious activity. This is one big rabbit hole to fall into that can be easily avoided by being a bit tight-lipped while playing online games.

Cybersecurity in the Gaming: Spyware

Another highly dangerous cybersecurity concern for all online gamers to deal with usually happens if you are a regular online gamer who actually downloads or plays games from shady sites.

Spyware gets installed onto your computer without you even being aware of it and then it does exactly what a spy does in the long run- gets all your information, monitors all your movements and actions, and technically behaves like a stalker.

All this gets recorded and then sold to third-party users who need stolen identities and then you might be getting calls from the police for any nefarious activity that you had no idea you committed.

How to Tackle These Cybersecurity Threats?How to Tackle These Cybersecurity Threats

Tackling cybersecurity threats is the next important step for being a safe and secure online gamer who keeps their sensitive information intact and with them. And you cannot just put the console down because of these threats now, can you? So, the next best option is to protect yourself.

Cybersecurity in the Gaming: Get VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Networks mask all sorts of sensitive data like your server address, activity, and so on. So, getting on that would be enough!

Install Anti-virus Software

Anti-virus software checks and scans all new downloads before you run them. So, getting one installed is always better. The other methods include not using public WiFi access without checking where it is coming from, using strong passwords, and also deleting any sensitive information before you sell your device or give it to someone. Always be safe, not sorry!

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