How To Protect A Patent In 3 Ways

Written By Alla Levin
November 16, 2021
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How To Protect A Patent In 3 Ways

Patents embody years of research, vast amounts of money, and, quite frankly, the blood, sweat, and tears of businesses. They are invaluable. However, this makes them a treasure for thieves as they can sell them to competitors, who won’t outright copy them, but will utilize your designs for their own gains.

Patents need to be protected even if they are out in the open. You have to register your patents, so other businesses know not to copy them, but this puts you in a tough spot because every patent has a time limit. Eventually, you have to move on, and the patent goes public. So how do you protect your patent to prevent someone from stealing your ideas?

Level of secrecy

Ever wonder why so many tech products take a long run-up to be released? They have to file the patent on the same day of launch. Otherwise, rivals would know of the product’s designs and key features ( as well as the media ) before they were even ready to be sold. Hence, there must be a level of secrecy in the organization. Anyone who will be part and parcel helping to make the new product has to be given a contract of confidentiality to sign.

They must not speak of the product, and they cannot take photos of it; they cannot even discuss it with fellow project members while out in public. They certainly cannot go to the media about it, don’t spread rumors, and definitely do not post things you’re working on onto social media!

Plot everythingfiling for a paten

Before filing for a patent, always log everything about the product or service! This is because a large business may copy your design and then use their larger pockets to hire great lawyers who defend them from your patent violation claims.

At least, you have the journey of the patent logged, plotted and you can show any jury or judge that your ideas and designs are truly your own. It will be beneficial to your case when you show documentation of your product in its infancy so no one else can claim they designed something similar at the same time.

Protecting a patent legally

Companies get into trouble all the time for ‘borrowing’ design features from their rivals. Every other week you see major car brands and tech brands hitting each other with lawsuits. Sooner or later, your business will face the same legal challenge. So working with a good patent law firm is a sound investment and strategically sound way to be ready for when your patent is either copied or accused of being a copy of another.

Patents are very complex, detailed and they have to be registered, utilized, and studied in specific ways which many business owners don’t realize. You might fall into the trap by mistake, so be ready to defend yourself legally.

Patents are like Goldust. They really do make or break a business or inventor. There is a long history of patent protection that you should follow in your own business.

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