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How to Create Voice of The Customer Surveys?

How important are customers to your business? Listening to the needs and requirements of consumers is essential for prosperity and business growth. Companies should hear all about their experiences, likes, dislikes, and perspectives.

Such information is best gathered through surveys, which provide measurable insights by using a variety of approaches and question formats.

Questions should be customer-centric to prompt respondents to provide quantitative and qualitative responses. The following tips will help you build voice of the customer surveys to gather the necessary feedback.

Devise the right plan

The initial step toward creating such surveys is the careful planning of every single aspect. You should start by defining your goals in terms of what information you wish to learn from the questionnaire. Create a list of customers, which represents the members of your target audience.

Another decision to make is choosing between sample and census. The former refers to sampling a limited number of consumers, whereas the latter means sampling all of them. Businesses can gather the insights they need from a limited group. It doesn’t necessarily mean that more feedback provides better insights.

Moreover, businesses should consider the methods of reaching out to consumers. Text and email-based messages containing links to web surveys are the most affordable ways of collecting information from big groups. Nevertheless, companies can also rely on online communities, advisory groups, face-to-face interviews, etc.

Additionally, the ultimate goal of using the voice of the customer surveys should be collecting insights in order to deliver a better experience for consumers.

Customer Surveys: Choose a typeCustomer Surveys Choose a type

The following step in building a voice of the customer survey is choosing the right type, which is helpful in determining the structure, length, and question types.

For instance, the transaction survey is short and used after a customer has an interaction with your business, such as browsing through your site, visiting your shop, ordering a product, making a call, etc. There should be no more than a couple of open-ended questions for consumers to add comments. Click here to learn how to write open-ended questions.

In contrast, the relationship survey has another purpose, which is to understand the relationship that a consumer has with your business. It should assess the loyalty and satisfaction of consumers and detect the areas that require improvement.

The length of relationship surveys is flexible, but they must be concise to keep the attention of the person answering the questions.

Another type of survey is related to competitive insight, striving to figure out the way in which a business compares to the other companies in the market. Nevertheless, these studies are usually conducted by third parties in order to remain unbiased.

Conversely, product evaluation surveys aim to collect special feedback on services and products offered by companies. The information gathered is in the form of feedback on certain features.

Ultimately, concept surveys are conducted before companies invest money and time into developing a new product. The idea is to determine the need, market demand, and desire for new services/products.

Design it properly

After selecting the right type, the following step is creating a well-designed questionnaire, which should make it easy for consumers to provide honest feedback.

It’s paramount for it to be brief and every question to be related to your goals. Avoid designing a long survey, as most customers won’t devote enough time to finishing it. Follow this link,, to learn how to get the necessary feedback from customers.

Furthermore, it has to be relevant, as consumers refuse to answer questions that aren’t linked to products and services they know. Customers will let go of the process unless they consider the questions relevant.

Every survey is supposed to have an introduction where companies explain the type, use, and approximate time of completing it. Also, it’s essential to thank individuals for the time they spare to answer the questions.

Another aspect to have in mind is the way in which the questions are ordered. You should start by using broad questions prior to asking for detailed feedback.

There should be a skip pattern for consumers to skip the queries they don’t consider relevant. The wrap-up should consist of open-ended and demographic questions, which will improve the analysis after the collection of all feedback.

In addition, questions should be grouped in well-defined sections for them to fit on one screen. Open-ended queries encourage respondents to elaborate, thus providing more valuable insights. Nevertheless, their number should be limited, as consumers need more time to respond, particularly when using their mobile.

The best way to wrap a survey up is by saying how grateful your company is for the input provided by consumers. You can include a link to the home page of the company or to the page that describes how your company will use the provided feedback. Remember to review the design and see how it looks on mobile devices before launching it.

Use the insights

The final step of the process is using the insights you have gathered. Businesses should follow up on the comments and requests of consumers to build a strong relationship and deliver a better experience. Also, companies should focus on the main areas that require improvement by sorting through the comments and ratings.

The bottom line

Consumer insights are vital for getting to know your customers, their needs, and anticipations. Do your best to design successful surveys!

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