Setting Up With Your First Car: A Guide

Written By Alla Levin
November 24, 2021

Setting Up With Your First Car: A Guide

Whether you’ve only just passed your driving test or you’ve held a license for some time but are only just buying a vehicle now, getting your first car is always an exciting experience. It’s a little private, personal vehicle to call your own, helping you enjoy more freedoms when you’re out and about.

But there are some things to consider when buying and getting set up in a first car – and this article aims to explain them all so that you can start hitting the roads with confidence in your new vehicle.


The biggest hurdle to getting set up with a new car is actually buying it. If you’re buying new, you’ll find you have to gather a fair amount of cash up-front or else commit to a financing scheme that will have you committed to paying for your car in monthly installments, with payments potentially lasting years. Getting the cash together for such a purchase can be difficult and requires some financial stability and confidence.

The other option is to buy used, which comes with its own set of problems. You may find that you purchase a cheap car, only for something major to fail on it shortly after your first drive. So, getting a mechanic to look over the vehicle, and check the car’s service history, will be important when buying your second-hand car.

Insuranceauto insurance Las Vegas

Getting insured is of paramount importance when you’re first hitting the roads. Without insurance policies to protect you and other road users, you may be breaking the law and putting yourself in serious financial jeopardy. If you crash, you’ll have no way to cover the costs of the accident, and you’re also likely to face some jail time as a result of driving uninsured.

So, insurance is incredibly important, though the type of cover can alter depending on what you include in your policy. Be sure to consider what’s important for you (such as breakdown cover and other add-ons. If you’re looking for auto insurance Las Vegas, be sure to check out Root Insurance, as they provide great cover for those in the area.


There’s one absolutely vital area of maintenance you should be tending to each week: your oil level. You can check this quickly by using the dipstick in your engine and seeing where your engine oil levels are at any given time. Without oil, the moving parts in your car’s engine will be less lubricated, and this can cause serious faults and issues in a short space of time.

Buy the right oil to service your car regularly, especially after long trips. Meanwhile, there are other basic and everyday ways to keep your new car healthy. Check the tire pressures to make sure you don’t have a flat and that you’re running on well-pumped wheels and ensure you’re keeping an eye on your headlights and taillights, which can get you pulled over by the cops if you have a bulb that’s gone out. Make use of these tips when you’re buying your first car as it will help you get on the roads with confidence.

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