Guide to Planning a Gender Reveal Party

Written By Alla Levin
November 25, 2021

Guide to Planning a Gender Reveal Party

Are you thinking of throwing a gender reveal party? As much as the idea is interesting, planning and organizing the event can be daunting. Considering how special the occasion is, it is essential to try and make it an extra special event with a unique party theme. A party includes many factors: deciding the theme, sending out invites, getting the decorations ready, and including fun factors like gender reveal party games.

Do you wish to host the perfect party that your family and friends will remember for years to come? Then this guide will help you with the best tips to organize and host a gender reveal party for your unborn baby.

Fix the Doctor’s Appointment for Ultrasound

You can fix an appointment with your gynecologist around 18-20 weeks of your pregnancy. Most of the doctors can identify the baby’s gender by this time. You can ask the sonographer to write the gender on a paper, put it inside an envelope, and seal it.

You can hand it over to the baker or your party organizer to help them plan it accordingly. It can be an added surprise not just for the invitees but also the soon-to-be parents.

Send Out Invitations at the EarliestGuide to Planning a Gender Reveal Party

According to research, people around the age of 35-44 years are more interested in hosting and attending a gender reveal parties. As this particular age group is mainly employed, it is essential to send out invites as soon as possible. It helps them apply for leaves. You can make a customized guest list for the party and print the invitations accordingly. You can also send emails or personalized messages to guests about the dress code to match your theme.

Create a Gender Reveal Theme

When deciding the theme for this special occasion, here are some top options to get your creative juices flowing.

  • You can set up a prince or princess theme with royal festoons and sparklers;
  • If you are a sports buff, you can select a pink or blue-themed party focusing on your favorite sportsperson. You can ask your guests to dress up wearing jerseys of either pink or blue color;
  • If you are a food lover, you can use cupcakes filled with pink or blue candies to reveal the gender of your unborn child;
  • You can use confetti cannons and ask the elder sibling to burst it open to surprise them;
  • You can also use paint bombs or a smoke machine to reveal the baby’s gender to the guests.

Prepare the Games for the Party

Gender reveal party games are a fun way to announce the arrival of your new family member.

  • You can host a best-dressed competition for your guests. The person dressed most appropriately to match the party’s theme will get a prize.
  • You can hold a voting session where your invitees can guess a boy or a girl. You can collect the votes and announce the winning team.
  • You can also host a ‘Solve the Mystery’ game. The guests can hunt for clues and track them to identify the baby’s gender.

Planning a Gender Reveal Party: Final Thoughts

Just like every other gathering, you must offer yummy appetizers and drinks for your guests. You can choose to match the food items with the theme of the gender reveal party.

You must make sure to arrange for a videographer or a photographer to capture the memorable moment in the camera. It allows you and your partner to relax and rewind to beautiful memories for years to come. Finally, you can hand out thank you cards or goody bags to your guests at the end of the event.

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