Best Wine Types to Try Out This Winter in Texas

Written By Alla Levin
November 25, 2021

Best Wine Types to Try Out This Winter in Texas

Texas offers some of the finest varieties of wine in the country. Enjoying a glass of crisp wine on a cold winter night can be a true pleasure. Texas fine wines are of many types. Here is a list of the must-try wine types to make your date nights and casual get-together more fun and elegant in Texas.


Intense red wines are the best choice for a winter lunch. Valera is a classic red from the wineries of Spain. It is made from the grape variety called Tempranillo. The wine comes with accents of cloves and black tea. Its deep ruby color is indicative of its richness. The taste is bold and dry and lingers gently for a long time on your taste buds. The award-winning wine goes well with chicken, veal, pork, and the spicy flavors of Asian cuisine.

Albarinoaward-winning wine

Albarino is a famous white wine from the western parts of Europe. It is considered one of Texas fine wines for its refreshing taste and rich, fruity flavors. The sweetness of the drink is balanced with a tinge of salinity and zippy acidity. It is very light, dry, and has a mix of honeydew and nectarine flavors to it.

Albarino pairs well with meats as well as with green leafy vegetables. You may also try the wine with soft cheeses like burrata or semi-soft ones like gouda or feta. Most people enjoy the wine with fish tacos, clams, and oysters.


Marsanne is another variety of white wines that can delight you on a cold winter night. The wine comes from Rhone valley. Marsanne is often compared to Chardonnay, and the two varieties are considered similar.

The wine has a rich texture and silky taste. It is a sweet wine variety with scents of roasted peaches, pears, spice flowers, and honeydew melons. The color and complexity of the flavor go well with all varieties of seafood and shellfish. It is also paired with an extensive array of soft and hard cheeses.

Blanc BrutBlanc Brut

A winter celebration calls for a glass of the classic Blanc Brut sparkling wine. The wine is one of the least sweet sparkling Texas fine wines. Brut can be made from white or red varieties of grapes.

Blanc brut, the white wine, is top-rated for its rich texture and lingering taste. It is dry and made from Chardonnay grapes by using the traditional methods of champagne making. The wine goes well with a variety of meats and kinds of seafood.

Rojo Red

The red Rojo blend is made from various grapes, such as Barbera, Mourvèdre, and Tannat. People love the wine for its fruity notes and soft finish. Rojo red is a popular choice for the festive season in winter. Its candied strawberry and cherry notes make it a favorite among sweet wine lovers. The wine is light, deep in color and texture, and has a soft tannin structure. The aromatic Rojo red wine goes well with almost all types of meats.

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