Modern Kitchen Island Ideas for Higher Functionality and Style

Written By Alla Levin
December 04, 2021

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas for Higher Functionality and Style

Do you crave extra storage and prep area in your kitchen? Contemporary kitchen islands can be the thing then. They can be of any size and design to suit your kitchen room ambiance. If you don’t believe it, search for the latest trends, and you will know. A long island has become a standard part of any updated kitchen with urban flair to provide more workstation space, through sink and hob too.

As you may have noticed, many double galley themes come with two counters facing each other. People find it to be the most convenient layout. However, you don’t have to limit your imagination to galley kitchens only to take advantage of the ergonomic island ideas. Any open floor plan would be happy to embrace this highlight.

Here are some design suggestions to give you clarity on its inclusion for better performance in every sense.

Out-of-the-box design

Fortunately, you don’t have to skimp on your furniture aesthetic, no matter what interior style you prefer. Still, if you want to do something different, go for a less boxy design.

You can achieve this through the floating island that looks more like a freestanding table with cabinets giving an impression of the furniture. These islands can have drawers instead of cupboards. Plus, they can boast soft corners for a sophisticated appeal.

A bar-like feelModern Kitchen Island Ideas

Since islands quickly turn into a socializing spot with innovative seating and lighting, you will not like to miss the opportunity to give it your special touches.

If your heart beats for everything luxe and superior, you can build it out of dark woods and top it with heavily-veined stone. When the lighting shines upon it from above, the full view of the table can be surreal. You can add a dose of flexibility by layering the lighting scheme around it. More precisely, take control of the work or mood by switching from task to ambient lighting. It can be a button-press away.

A contrasting magic

Any beautiful interior décor will have a mix of colors, tones, textures, and designs to impress its onlookers. However, you have to maintain a balance between all the elements to ensure they lead your eyes from one feature to another smoothly.

There can be one or two focal points, though. For example, imagine incorporating a brushed solid colored brass dining table. It can immediately stand out from the background without proving to be a distraction if done correctly.

The right-angle thought processA versatile workstation sink on a kitchen island

You can opt for a perpendicular-shaped island if you enjoy interacting with your guests while cooking. The hob can face the fantastic garden views. Still, the main highlight of the space will be the ability to cook and talk simultaneously.  Make sure to include all the connections at the proper spots.

Otherwise, it can cost heavily to fix everything. Also, every element should maintain a certain amount of discreetness to avoid looking clumsy. A versatile workstation sink on a kitchen island of this aura can be another sight to behold. If you want to optimize your kitchen with style and function, you cannot ignore the combination of L-shape layout and workstation sink.

The charm of the two

Did you know you can have two islands also in a modern kitchen? You can connect them with a linear bar to create an impression of a U-shape. In this layout, two cooks can efficiently work while chatting, singing, and more.

One will not be a hindrance to the other’s kitchen task. Please ensure the islands have at least one meter of clearance around them for safe traffic and easy access to drawers, appliances, etc. Of course, you can explore this theme if your kitchen has adequate space.

The art of simplicityModern Kitchen Island Ideas

Every kitchen design tends to be the reflection of how you work in this space. A contemporary kitchen keeps things subtle and hidden with internal storage systems. Almost everything goes behind the door once you finish your cooking chore. If you prefer your kitchen design this way, make sure to focus on even tricky corners for the optimum benefit.

Splash of colors

The best thing about kitchen islands is their visual presence. Because these are independent furniture pieces, you can let them have their personality.

Most people play safe with neutrals. However, you can get bold with your choices. For example, select a bright tone to help it enjoy the limelight. Whether you choose orange, red, deep blue, or something else, it will be entirely your decision. You can hang wall art or provide a beautiful glass backsplash to make things more appealing.

The glamorous island materialsThe glamorous island materials

Let’s talk about the use of metal in this case. Don’t hold back from infusing exciting features when making your open-floor kitchen a social highlight. For example, think of the lighting, the bar stools, and others. These decorative and functional pieces with metallic effects can change the whole kitchen vibe in a snap. Anything with a golden touch can instantly transform into a stunning sight. You can increase its personality a bit more by adding thoughtful designs of taps and handles.

All these efforts will have a cost. But you don’t need to doubt their impact. However, it is essential to remember that metal is just an idea or example. You can browse through the list of kitchen materials to understand their contribution to any décor.

When imagining a kitchen, most people get worried or hesitate to explore their creative thoughts. They wonder what if things go wrong. While you cannot afford risks with compact spaces, you don’t need to stress if you own a large kitchen room. You get an immense scope to apply your visualization. Still, it is better to consult a proper designer or contractor before taking any step.

Sometimes, normal eyes fail to see the challenges. But trained eyes and brains never make mistakes. They can look at the kitchen and inform you whether you can implement your designs successfully or not. Or, if they see any hurdles, they can recommend a suitable alternative keeping your core interest in mind.

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