4 Ways To Freshen Stale Indoor Air This Winter

Written By Alla Levin
September 22, 2022
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4 Ways To Freshen Stale Indoor Air This Winter

It may be fall now, but that’s only a precursor for winter lurking. And while you still prefer to keep your windows open for now, they’re very likely to be shut when the sharp winter breeze arrives. And keeping your windows and doors closed for months can affect the quality of your indoor air, leaving it stale.

Ensuring that the air in your home is fresh and allergen-free is crucial, as it will make your home more comfortable and healthier. Plus, it will save you the embarrassment when you host holiday visitors. So, here are some ways to freshen stale indoor air this winter. 

Target specific causes of foul odor in your home

You want to start by identifying activities or areas in your home that pollute the air in your home. For example, you can start with your kitchen. Ensure that your trash bins are emptied and cleaned regularly.

Also, it’s best if you don’t leave dirty dishes and laundry piled up for days in our home. And if you love to smoke, you might want to invest in air fresheners specifically made to eliminate smoke from clothes and the atmosphere. You can also consider hiring expert odor removal & specialized services to eliminate smoke odor, carpet smells, off-gassing, and pet odors. You can also use these experts to help eliminate mold and other essential sanitizing services. 

Clean up and stay organizedFreshen Stale Indoor Air

A messy and disorganized home hardly smells fresh. Unfortunately, the cold months with short days and long nights can wear down your energy and motivation to clean. And before you know it, your home is messy, cluttered, and disorganized.

So, regardless of how you feel, make an effort to tackle the mess and keep your home clean and clutter-free. If your home is too large to clean in a day by yourself, consider tackling it in stages. For example, you can clean one room a day. And that should be more than enough to keep dust, dander, etc., on the low while minimizing the chances of having stale interior air. 

Create natural air fresheners

While you work on cleaning your home and getting rid of the causes of bad odor, create natural air fresheners at home. Of course, there are commercial or artificial air fresheners you can invest in, but most of them come with chemicals that may prove unhealthy in the long run.

So a better or safer option is to use natural products to freshen your home. The options here are many, from fruity simmering pots and coffee grounds to baking soda and diffusing essential oils. You can find several tips and tricks to create natural air fresheners at home.

Fill your home with evergreen clippings

Some plants and indoor trees can make your home’s interior smell great. However, you can also consider adding evergreen clippings to different areas in your home during the winter.

There are several ways to freshen up your home with evergreens, but you can also make a wreath from natural evergreen clippings. An added benefit of evergreen wreaths is that they can also spruce up your interior space throughout winter.  

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