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Key Relocation Terms You Must Learn Before Hiring a Moving Company

It is vital for professionals to understand and explain the moving terminology when working with the moving industry. The companies which are into property management business, real estate brokerages, and agents who are there, all the people need to help residents and clients to know and further manage their moving process.

When answering the calls of your clients especially when it is about moving questions, you need to understand the moving terminology. It is a resource that would help you to experience a good flow at work. The experts at national moving companies explain how moving terminology can be very confusing. To help you with it, here we have mentioned some of the core relocation terms and their explanation.

Door-to-Door Service

It is a service in which household goods are delivered from the starting point to the destination directly without keeping them in the storage rooms.


It is a process in which wooden boxes are created to protect delicate or valuable items while they are shifted to some other place.

Cube SheetCube Sheet

It is a list of household goods and the total space (in cubic feet) they will take up in a truck. This is further converted into weight and used to find out the moving estimate cost.

Cash On Delivery (COD)

When the customer agrees to pay for the goods when they receive them at their doorstep is called cash on delivery. In this, no penny is paid in advance or the person does not give anything till the time they receive the final good.

Cargo Claim

During the shifting process, there is a chance that certain goods might get broken or damaged. So in that case when the customer files for the claim to receive the amount for the goods which are damaged or broken then it is called the cargo claim.


The moving company who is responsible to transfer your goods from one place to another is called the carrier.


A person who takes the responsibility to settle down the claim against the moving company for damage or loss which is there to the goods during a move is called an adjuster.


A moving company usually is represented by a van line. An agent and their van line in together work to provide services to their customers.

Assembly and Disassembly

This is a process in which the furniture is taken apart while it is being loaded to the vehicle and on reaching the destination it is being resembled and fitted as it was before. During this process, the person involved needs to be very careful so that no part is lost or nothing happens to the thing while it’s being dissembled and assembled.

Actual charges

The final cost which the person has to pay for the move is from the starting to finish the whole thing. It comprises moving costs, warehouse fees, and accessorial charges.

Accessorial charges

Additional charges which a moving company takes from the clients for the services they provide such as packing, unpacking, crating, or appliance disconnection. These fees are further added up to the baseline moving cost.

Full Value Protection Insurance

It is an insurance policy in which the current market value of the item is covered, an item’s replacement value, or the cost to repair an item if it gets damaged or lost by a moving company while the moving process is considered. In short, it means that anything happens to the product then the company would provide another product to the customer in a working condition.

Furniture Blanketsmost reliable packing supply

Furniture blankets also known as sturdy blankets are the ones that are designed to provide a protective layer to the household appliances, furniture, bannisters, doorways, and walls while the things are moved from one place to another. They are the most reliable packing supply you can trust for the safety of your belongings.

Hazard Insurance

Insurance serves as protection against damage that can be there because of fire, floods, wind, and other such natural calamities.

High-Value Articles

Precious household items are the ones that are usually higher than $100 per pound.

Impracticable operations

These are the certain conditions that prohibit a moving company from carrying out a pickup or delivery with their normal equipment and further need special kinds of equipment or additional labor. These terms are usually put up in the tariff chart by the moving company.

Interstate Move

Any move which involved crossing the state boundary that is irrespective of the distance the move takes place.

Intrastate Move

A move in which the beginning point, as well as the destination both, are located in the same state.


It is a full-fledge list of the quantity of the household items along with its condition. Thus these are the details on some of the commonly used moving terminology. Everybody should be aware of it for an easy move.

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