10 Instances of 3D Printing in Interior Design

Written By Stephan Schlosser
December 13, 2021

10 Instances of 3D Printing in Interior Design

With the advent of 3D sadness, great opportunities have opened up for many industries. From product development to 3d interior design services. Architects and designers all over the world began to use this technology in their work, creating three-dimensional objects of furniture and decor, lighting.

The infinity of possibilities that 3D printing gives, its environmental friendliness and visual appeal, as well as efficiency in work, allows designers to create objects that were completely unimaginable until this time. Let’s take a look together at 10 of the most interesting, in our opinion, design works that used 3D printing.

Bar counter for tea and juice

Having hired architects from DUS Architects, the Loft Flagship Store probably had no idea what a sensation they would make by designing a juice bar for them on a 3D printer. Inspired by the Japanese art of origami and its repeating lines and patterns, the architects created an airy juice bar. The attractive design of the project was appreciated by many visitors to the store.

Unusual lighting solutionInstances of 3D Printing in Interior Design

The designers from Hola Studio have become famous for their extraordinary lamps – an element not only of simple lighting but also an emotional object for a person. You can customize such a lamp and modify it as you wish upon contact with a person and at his request.

An extraordinary sofa

Designer Janne Kyttanen, better known as the 3D guy, turned the understanding of sofas and comfort upside down. Inspired by the natural elements of cobwebs and cocoons, he designed and made a whole sofa using the 3D printing technique. Just imagine, the finished furniture weighs no more than 3 kg and can withstand 100!

A new look at the surrounding objects

Taking a fresh look at old and familiar objects and decor items, the San Francisco-based Emerging Objects company has created a large number of items. Taking a look at their portfolio reveals both furniture items and flower pots, lamps, and more.

Brave new world3D printing technique

The Milan Furniture Fair was shocked to see 4 chairs designed by the Spanish design studio Nagami. They were created exclusively from materials for 3d printing, following an amazing combination of robotics and nature.

Modular world

Modular systems have long and firmly entered our world. The architects of the Simplus Designs design studio took a fresh look at modular systems and created a modular system from 3D printing called SuperMod. It is a design that combines functionality and aesthetics. The system consists of many modules of different sizes which can be used as storage units. In addition, the system can also be used as a partition, stand or as a decorative element.

Romantic lace lamps

Who else could have created romantic lamps that cast shadowy lace on the wall like the architects from Paris? LPJacques lamps create a sophisticated yet elegant and romantic pattern through the play of light and shadow, lace on the wall.

Puzzles are everywhere3D Printing in Interior Design

When creating the puzzle chair, the architects of Bits Parts studio primarily thought about creating furniture that will be available in any home. Such a chair can be printed on any 3D printer, it consists of 39 parts and can also be painted in any color you like.

Inspiration from nature

Inspired by the flowing lines of the elegant ramps, architect Peter Donders created a knock called Batoidea. Its airy and flowing lines combine design and technology. Thanks to 3D printing technology, such a chair can be created with less cost, as if it were created from cast aluminum.

3D printing in interior design: When the drawings come to life

The unreal design and aesthetics were created by the architect from Front Design thanks to 3D printing. Their furniture series is something innovative and unreal. Combining motion capture and 3D printing, they created a dynamic line of sketched furniture. It looks truly unique and impossible.

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