The Difficulties of Raising a Foster Child

Written By Alla Levin
December 27, 2021

The Difficulties of Raising a Foster Child

Fostering a child is a choice many families make every day, and it makes an actual difference in the lives of kids who would otherwise have nowhere to go. Kids who have been through abuse, trauma, and neglect need a safe space in the form of foster families, as well as steadfast love and attention during their stay.

It’s not easy for either party. Foster children go through a situation that means they have to leave home, while the foster parents must do their best to make their new, temporary home a comfortable and safe one. Before becoming a foster parent, make sure you know the difficulties you will face when raising a foster child.

Both Parents Can’t Work Full Time

There must be at least one foster parent who doesn’t work full time when raising a foster child. It is to ensure the child receives the care and attention they need. Unfortunately, this can prove difficult for some families, as a full-time job may be their primary source of income. Couples can usually leave one person still working full-time, and single foster parents can work fewer shifts to ensure they have enough income.

On a brighter note, foster parents receive a weekly allowance, ensuring they can afford to look after their foster kids. has more information about what it takes to be a foster parent.

Dealing with Behavioural IssuesDealing with Behavioural Issues

There are many different types of children in the foster care system, all with various personalities, backgrounds, and ages. You will have to deal with a child who may have behavioral issues from time to time. This isn’t uncommon in foster care, as many of these children have experienced unfortunate circumstances, many of which have led to them being in care in the first place. Many foster parents find it challenging to deal with some outbursts and tantrums, so that is something you must prepare for before fostering.

Frequent Appointments with Social Workers

As a foster parent, looking after your foster child isn’t your only responsibility – you must also frequently check in with your social worker to make sure everything is running smoothly. While this isn’t necessarily a difficulty, it is something you must attend when planned and may sometimes disturb your routine. Take the opportunity to ask any questions you may have during these meetings.

Not Knowing Who You Will Foster

You usually don’t meet your foster child before taking them in. While the social worker will ensure you receive the best match possible, there is no way of knowing whether you and the foster kid will get along well. Whatever happens, it’s important not to hold many expectations before their arrival.

Difficulties of Raising a Foster Child: Not Being the Child’s ‘Real’ Parent

As a foster parent, there is a high chance you will hear the phrase ‘you’re not my real mom/dad’ throughout your journey. While it can sting, it’s a common phrase for a foster kid to say, and it doesn’t reflect on you. Being a foster parent is a difficult journey full of ups and downs, and it’s up to you to make sure your foster child feels safe and secure, whether it’s a good day or a bad one.

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