Buying Electric Scooters for Adult
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Battery Types to Check When Buying Electric Scooters for Adult

Batteries are the power source for electric scooters. They store the DC used by the controller, motor, and lights. There have been many technological improvements in battery technology. While every electric scooter needs a battery to operate, not all electric scooters for adults use the battery simultaneously.

The battery quality determines how far your electric scooter can go on a single charge and the battery type is a deciding factor in the price of electric scooters. Hence, you need to pay attention to battery specs when buying electric scooters.

Types of Batteries

The electric scooter has battery packs made of several electrical cells. Lithium-Ion, Lithium Manganese, and Lead Acid batteries are used in electric scooters. Your electric scooter will have one of these. Let’s learn more about these battery types.


Lithium-Ion batteries are the most popular in the electric scooter segment. Most electric scooters for adults have them. They have an excellent energy density that refers to the charge stored per their physical weight. Li-Ion batteries also offer exceptional longevity, which means they can be charged and discharged many times during their lifetime without affecting their storage capacity.

Lithium – Manganeseelectric scooters for adults

Lithium Manganese is also a popular battery type in several electric scooter manufacturers. These batteries have the safest chemistries, which reduce any chance of battery explosions or problems due to overcharge. Lithium Manganese batteries have a high capacity and output current. The presence of manganese in the batteries reduces internal resistance and allows high current output at lower temperatures. These characteristics reduce the probabilities of fire and thermal runaway.

Buying Electric Scooters for Adult: Lead Acid

Lead-acid is one of the oldest battery types known by the mobility industry. These batteries are generally used to power larger electric vehicles like golf carts, but you may find some electric scooters having these due to their lower costs.

The inclusion of lead-acid batteries allows manufacturers to lower production costs and get a price advantage in highly competitive and price-sensitive markets. One of the drawbacks of lead-acid batteries is their poor energy density which is the lowest of all three mentioned here. They are bulky and cause a significant increase in the overall weight of the electric scooter that can affect the scooter’s performance and range.

Battery Packs

The battery type is not the only factor you consider when buying an electric scooter. As mentioned earlier, the electric scooter has a battery pack with electric cells arranged serially or parallel. Manufacturers put many cylindrical rechargeable batteries to build a battery pack.

Generally, electric scooters have 36 V, 48 V, 52 V, 60 V, or even larger battery packs. A simple rule here is that the higher the number of cells in the battery, the greater the range of the electric scooter will be. However, more batteries also mean an increase in weight that can affect the performance and capacity of the electric scooter.

Depending on the power output requirements, the manufacturer can add or reduce the number of rechargeable cells in the battery pack. When buying an electric scooter, you need to consider your needs like range and performance and select the electric scooter model accordingly. To sum up, these are the crucial points you need to consider when looking at the battery types in electric scooter models.

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