what to expect in tech in 2022
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What to Expect in Tech in 2022: Biggest Technology Trends

What to expect in tech in 2022? 2021 ushered in the rise and fall of several industries and technology trends. It experienced adjustments made by the pandemic to our way of life. Covid changed the direction of our conversations. It made way for different technological innovations and expanded their market. Job descriptions like zoom meeting moderator and Facebook group manager came around just like others. Jobs like those weren’t relevant pre-covid.

And to be honest with you, there will be different technology trends in 2022. This article is here to help you contribute to the conversations when they come up. So take your time as we dive in and clarify things that might have been difficult for you and explore what to expect in tech in 2022.

Medical exploration

  • 3D Bioprinting: With 3D technology, bioprinting adopts digital files as the framework to fabricate biomedical parts that imitate natural tissues; this technology will help check the organ shortage crisis and prolong the lifespan of humans.
  • Nanomedicine: This is the application of nanoparticles to medicine; this technology will help cross the natural barriers to help deliver medication to a problematic place standard treatment cannot reach. Nanomedicine will help treat cancer and other terminal illnesses in 2022.
  • 3D drug printing: 3D printing for medication is a cost-saving technology that helps deliver medication with patient-specific formulation and lesser side effects; coupled with 3D organ printing, 3D will be one of the best technology trends in 2022.

Space TechnologyWhat to Expect in Tech in 2022

  • James Webb space technology(JWST): JWST is a space telescope developed by NASA, the European space agency, and the Canadian space agency to take over from the Hubble space telescope; this telescope is to get information about the first stars and galaxies of the early universe.
  • ULA Vulcan rocket: This rocket is a two-stage to orbit, a heavy-lift vehicle developed by the United launch alliance. It is designed for the National U.S government security space and should be ready for launch in 2022.
  • Space X starship: A reusable launch vehicle developed by space X and will launch its first orbital attempt in early 2022. This Raptor rocket-powered ship will help with Mars exploration, colonization, and other space missions.

Social media

  • Meta: Facebook changed its name to meta to align with its mission to build the metaverse. Meta verse is a combination of Augmented, virtual and mixed reality to serve as a medium for social and business activities. Microsoft and Nvidia are in the process of creating their metaverse.
  • Rise of Short-form video content: Short form videos are videos between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and it is becoming more popular on social media as platforms like Tiktok, YouTube shorts, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are adopting them on their media to fit in the social media technology trends in 2022.
  • The popularity of Podcast: Podcast is a serialized form of digital audio files that users can download on their devices for personal and business use. The podcast is one of the technology trends in 2022 that will help content creators and listeners with their needs.

Future of workWhat to Expect in Tech in 2022

  • Adoption of messaging channels: Messaging channels are spaces that takes communication between team member from the inbox to a collaborative platform, Future of work in 2022 will see more channels like slack, Microsoft Skype, Google Hangouts create spaces for remote workers scattered all over the globe to be on the same page and work together.
  • VR multifunctionality: virtual reality is the simulation of experience that is identical or completely different from reality. VR will help provide productivity features, like delivering virtual offices for remote workers to reduce distractions or creating a virtual space to collaborate.
  • More complex automation: Automation is augmenting skills to artificial intelligence to save time and cost. More complex Automation will assist in the hybrid form of the workforce that is now time-oriented.


  • First spot Bitcoin Etf: A Bitcoin ETF imitates the price of Bitcoin permitting investors to purchase EFT without trading BTC itself; Proshares sold the first Bitcoin ETF on Oct 19, 2021, and more investors are going to cash in on it in 2022.
  • Stable coin: Stable is a cryptocurrency that gets its value from underlying external assets. Computers do not mine them; instead, stable coins are backed by the U.S dollar or the price of Gold. Some stable coins like Tether and Digix Gold will dominate the crypto market in 2022.
  • Hybrid blockchain is an emerging closed network technology that incorporates component public and private blockchain solutions. Due to its nature, information stored on this network is protected. And its transaction fees are lower.
  • Ricardian contracts: A Ricardian contract is an innovative or machine-readable agreement signed by contracting parties then converted into machine-readable documents and automated into a blockchain network.


  • Web 3.0: Web 3.0 is all about ownership and rewards in worlds and games. The evolution of NFT goes hand in hand with WEB 3.0 and the Metaverse, and a collaboration between these technology trends in 2022 will signal the sustenance of the metaverse.
  • Ethereum 2.0 energy crisis: Eth 1.0 consensus mechanism is Proof of work which consumes much energy and dumps a lot of carbon footprint. Eth 2.0 uses the Proof of stake mechanism to lower fees and boost the value of NFT created on its network.
  • Personality NFT: NFT stands for a non-fungible token, and it’s much more; personality NFT are developing, and by 2022 people will use their NFT characters to carry out functions instead of themselves.

Influencer Marketing

  • Rise of TikTok Nano influencing: TikTok is a Micro video and Nano influencing social media platform from China, and it’s predicted that TikTok will reach about 755.0 million monthly users by 2022 becoming Social media marketing gurus favorite.
  • Short video influencer marketing: Micro video is 30 seconds to 1 minute. Hubspot found that more than 51% of marketers plan to invest in short videos marketing to increase their investment in 2022. Micro videos have the highest ROI of any form of marketing, and marketers plan to invest more in it than any other marketing technology trend in 2022.
  • Increasing demand for chatbots: AI-powered chatbots are used for customer support and expansion of contact strategy. Most consumers prefer using chatbots because of their fast response, yet businesses do not fully utilize this technology.
  • More use of Voice search: This technology allows users to use voice commands to search on the internet with mobile devices and voice services, like Amazon’s Alexa. Voice search is becoming more popular among small businesses.

Climate changeClimate change

  • Carbon offsetting: Carbon offsetting is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to make up for emissions made elsewhere. It can be through planting trees or the use of renewable energy.
  • Carbon sequestration: Carbon sequestration captures and stores carbon dioxide to reduce its volume in the atmosphere. Carbon sequestration aims to mitigate global climate change.
  • Solar PV: Solar Pv is the generation of electricity from the sun energy; solar PV aims to generate clean energy and reduce the dependence on other energy sources damaging the climate condition.

What to Expect in Tech in 2022: The Entertainment Industry

  • More Streaming Services: Streaming services is an on-demand online entertainment source that is an alternative for cable and satellite service, often at a cheaper rate.
  • Smart TV: A smart TV is a TV with internet and wifi enabled to allow you to enjoy movies online and perform other internet activities. Since subscription service will likely soar high in 2022, there is every possibility that the usage of smart TV will fly high in 2022.


  • Innovative retailing: This is the  Integrating physical retail space and digital spaces to manage shoppers’ expectations. Smart retailing response to pandemic-related disruptions to ensure customers’ contactless shopping experience and reduce their chances of getting covid is what to expect in tech in 2022.
  • Green consumerism: This is a process where consumers demand products and services that are certified to have gone through eco-friendly production. This idea ensures that the consumers are becoming conscious of the environment and are using technology trends in 2022 that won’t mess with the ecosystem.

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