Preparing for NEET at Home

Written By Alla Levin
December 29, 2021
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Preparing for NEET at Home

Securing a top rank in the NEET examination is the dream of many aspiring medical students. As the number suggests, it is a very competitive examination with a handful of students securing a good rank and getting admission to their desired college. With the rising demand for medical facilities, the competition has increased many-folds.

With this, a significant dilemma lands upon the students aspiring for medical fields- whether they can prepare for neet without any help like coaching. Preparing without any coaching is a perk for you because you would be solely responsible for your success, and your brain would still be creative. It would not dilute out due to the unidirectional process while preparing in a coaching institute.  

The great news is that one can surely crack NEET with a perfect score and secure the desired rank only by self-study. The only extra attribute you would require is a little more effort than the others.

When should one start his preparation?

The best time to seriously start your preparation is right after a week of giving the class 10 boards examination. A headstart is undoubtedly required and will boost your performance.

What are the books that need to be referred to?What are the books that need to be referred to

NEET examination might be competitive, but the syllabus is oriented chiefly with boards, unlike JEE advanced. So if you have a clear understanding of the topics required for boards, then you can surely ace the examination. 

  • Let’s start with the most important subject for NEET – Biology. For Biology, refer to NCERT books. Every line is important. No statement has to be ignored. As memorizing a complete book is difficult, it is advisable that while you make the notes, make it in the form of points or give numbering to each end. Break each topic into subtopics, and this will substantially reduce the pain if you try to remember them as paragraphs. If possible, stick essential issues on the wall in front of your study table. 

Diagrams are easy to remember, but often, we forget the naming. So always draw a diagram at least three times to ensure that you have placed every part. Another important thing that one has to do while drawing a diagram visualizes how that part would be working. Learn to see how the blood flows and how each organ/tissue plays its role.

After completing a chapter, one should revise them fortnightly. One can refer to books like Trueman Elementary biology for neet for further reference. When some topics seem tedious or difficult, one can refer to Campbell Biology. Campbell Biology is suitable for Olympiads, but it is not recommended to read the complete book as it would consume a lot of time.

  • Next coming to the most fearful subject- Physics. Many biology students fear Physics. The reason is that they have little idea of the mathematical tools and approaches required to solve physics problems. After completing the class 10 boards examination, students need to put their hands on primary mathematics. For NEET, advanced application of mathematics is not required. A basic understanding will certainly, develop the skills required. 

Preparing for NEET at Home

Start with class 12 mathematics, start with limits and study differential equations. This would take a month. While looking, the chapters put particular emphasis on differentiation and definite integration. Learn all the methods in differential equations. With this, you are ready to tackle every kind of physics problem required at your level. For physics, refer to Concepts of Physics by HC Verma and NCERT. Also, refer to youtube channels like Physics Galaxy. Following this religiously, I will prepare thoroughly. 

Physics is not tricky as expected by students. Learn the approaches and the proper application of concepts. For instance, any 2D motion question can be resolved into two 1D motions. If you master 1D motion, you master 2D motion. Developing strategies and visualizing the questions while solving this will help score good marks and develop an interest in the subject.

  • Chemistry is relatively simple. Initially, the NCERT might sound confusing, but you would adapt to it with time. NCERT should always be your primary source. Like biology, you should clearly understand every statement in the book. Initially, start with physical chemistry. You can refer to books like OP Tandon for theory and N Avasti Physical Chemistry for questions. After completing a few chapters in physical chemistry, start with organic chemistry. Start with NCERT for organic chemistry. Go for books like MS Chauhan Elementary problems in Organic chemistry book for practice problem. After completing both, start with inorganic chemistry. NCERT books are sufficient for inorganic chemistry. Write all the reactions with all the conditions. Revise them after every 3-4 days. Put important reactions in front of your study table. 
  • Apart from this, a mandatory book that the NEET aspirants must go through is NCERT exemplars. Questions are sometimes directly asked from this book. Thus, these books would be sufficient to brag a top rank in the NEET examination.

How to make the study plan?

 Any competitive examination requires hard work as well as innovative work. Wise use of time would allow you to secure a good rank. Use every holiday to boost your performance. Allot equal time to every subject.

Neglecting a subject might cost heavily in the exam. Give tests after completing 3-4 chapters. After completing every chapter, solve the Previous year’s question of NEET and JEE mains as many questions are directly picked up from JEE mains examination. Even if you fail to understand sometimes, don’t lose hope.

Give yourself some time. You can also refer to doubt forums like StackExchange to solve your doubts. Take a break every time you feel fatigued. Make checkpoints. After every checkpoint, reward yourself with a movie, trip, or tasty dish. At times, you would feel demotivated. During those times talk to your parents and friends. This will make you feel better. Always remind yourself that after the rigorous hard work of 2 years, a brighter future will await you at the doorstep of your dream college.

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