The Day of JEE Morning Shift Exam
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The Day of JEE Morning Shift Exam

After going through rigorous practice and hard work for 2-3 years, the day of the examination of JEE mains and JEE advanced seems to be the most important in their life. 

Let us try to understand this important day from the perspective of an aspirant. The day generally starts at 6 a.m. The importance of this time is that the student sleeps for at least 7 hours to feel relaxed. Sleeping for a longer duration might make the student sleepy. Hence 6 a.m. is the best time to wake up from bed and get ready for the exam.

Initially, tremors in mind chill our body, and we experience a sudden jerk of fear. But sincere studies try to soothe it. There is a tug of war between fear and hard work. The fear will try to show you everything that might get wrong, while the hard work will describe that success awaits. This is the first battle that the student needs to win. The more you are optimistic, the better the chances that one would be able to perform up to the optimum level. The student carries a water bottle, a pen, the admit card, and ID proof. As the examination center approaches closer, the heartbeats become more rapid. After queueing up, the student waits for the turn.

During this time, the student should try to keep themselves calm. They should make their minds believe that they have practiced hard and have studied all that they asked in the exam. Keeping yourself motivated is the key to success. Finally, after all the biometrics and formalities, each student is allotted. Check the computer once by matching your photo and Roll number/ Application Number displayed on the screen.

Drink plenty of water and relieve yourself by going to the washroom. Out of nervousness, many of the students feel a burning sensation in their eyes. To soothe your eye, put in a little bit of water. After taking the seat, close your eyes and motivate yourself as much as possible.

Forget all that you would achieve if you made it through the exam. Also, forget everything that you might lose if you fail the exam. That is, don’t make any predictions. Recollect all the strategies.

The best strategies are:The Day of JEE Morning Shift Exam

  1. Allocate a fixed amount of time to each question. If you can do it well and well but fail to do it, move to the next question. Don’t spend too much time on a single question, even if it is your strong/favorite topic.
  2. Within 2 hours, try to go through every question to have an overview of the paper. Don’t consider the paper to be divided into sections, do the paper in one go.
  3. After the 2 hours, you are trying to go for the JEE Main 24 Feb 2021 Morning Shift Question Paper which you think is solvable but will take time. This strategy will significantly boost your rank.

These strategies might vary from student to student. After recollecting all the strategies, you would find yourself a few minutes away from the commencement of the examination. As the examination starts, two things might happen.

The paper will be in your favor or it might not be in your favor. If the paper is in your turn, simply follow the strategies. If one is weak in calculation or commits silly mistakes, slow down while calculating. This will reduce the chances of mistakes otherwise which might cause a blunder in the exam by adding negative marking to the hard-earned marks. Try to keep track of the time and avoid any hurry. Note every important point/ data in the rough sheets and apply the formula. Yipee! You earned four marks. 

The Day of JEE Morning Shift Exam

You are now talking about those who feel that the question is not in favor. In such a situation, read the question and try to analyze if you can do it or not. This would hardly take a few seconds. If you feel you can start it, otherwise move on to the next. In this way, you would solve the questions that seem to be in your favor. Now attack those questions which you have studied better than the others.

Now consider the silo methodology, recall the chapter followed by the topic and sub-topic. Write the formulas which you find to be relevant to the question. Now try to mix and try to solve through logical thinking. This may not be easy, but problem-solving becomes a lot easier when you list down all the essential formulas and points. Also, don’t take risks in Multiple choice questions ( MCQ); instead, you can take the risk or go for guesses in integer types.

Another exciting way of approaching JEE mains is through the elimination of options. If you can’t find the right one, find the wrong ones. For questions with numbers as options, you can go for guesses rather than exact calculations. This will save a lot of time which is crucial for securing a high rank in such a competitive exam.

The day of JEE morning shift exam

These 3 hours seem to be very short. After which, you feel relieved. If you had put serious effort into the preparation, you would indeed feel pleased. Congratulate yourself for doing such commendable work. Even if it goes wrong, don’t worry. Make yourself believe that you fought till the last moment. And an examination cannot simply decide your life.

It’s easier said than done. But always keep in mind it is passion, determination, and hard work that will lead to your goal. Don’t worry if you have this trait; whatever the obstruction you face, you will overcome it. So no matter how the examination is, put a smile on your face while you come out of the hall. Don’t mind any of the comments that your friend makes. Cancel those noises and think of the next step you want to take.

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