5 Fun And Exciting Things To Do In Canada In 2022

Written By Alla Levin
January 04, 2022

5 Fun And Exciting Things To Do In Canada In 2022

Canada is one of the most beautiful travel destinations on the entire planet. The country has received over 22 million travelers for three consecutive years since 2019 should tell you all you need to know about this travel destination. There are pristine forests and mountain ranges perfectly punctuated by glinting blue lakes.

There are also loads of mouthwatering delicacies and a richly vibrant culture to experience. Not only is the country a wonderful destination for any travel, Canadians, in general, are also known to be one of the most peace-loving and friendliest people you can find anywhere on the earth. So if you’re thinking about visiting Canada in 2022, here are some fun and exciting things you should have on your to-do list. 

Visit the Jasper National Park

Imagine rivers and glaciers meandering gracefully to negotiate their way through elegant forests, mountains, and alpine meadows. Imagine 6,835 square miles of life showcased in 70 different mammal species and hike trails. In short, imagine the perfect camping location for the nature-lover, offering the serenity and peace of mind only nature can serve. 

If you love outdoor living and adventure, the Jasper National Park is a must-go place whenever you visit Canada. Located in Alberta, you will find over 615 miles of hiking trails you can explore with your family, with more than 12 miles of bike-friendly trails for bike lovers. You can also experience the thrill of watersports, including activities like kayaking and canoeing. 

If you want a relaxing camping experience, the location is ideal for family camping, serving a beautiful blend of lakes, forests, mountains, and any other thing that brings serenity to a campsite. 

Experience a polar bear safari adventureExperience a polar bear safari adventure

According to various reports, global warming is driving polar bears towards extinction. While that’s a grave cause for concern, there’s good news waiting for all polar bear lovers in Churchill, Canada. For many people, Churchill, Canada is the world’s polar bear capital, and rightly so.

Located in the Manitoba province in arctic Canada, this remote destination offers visitors a rare experience of coming face-to-face with a wild polar bear under the cold blanket of the Northern sky.

If you’re fortunate enough, you may spot an arctic fox pretty much tip-toeing its way across the vast, flat, treeless region as it hunts expertly for a meal. There are even some vehicles available, specially adapted to the terrain to take you within meters of the polar bears so you can get a bit up-close but not too personal.

Experience the CN TowerExperience the CN Tower

If you prefer to hang out in the city, you might want to consider checking the CN Tower in Toronto. The tower is one of the top attractions in Toronto, giving you the chance to see the city’s skyline differently.

If you’re not scared of heights, try joining the famous glass-floor elevator up to a viewing deck that is sure to send thrills down your spine. The view is breathtaking, to say the list. You can even enjoy a sumptuous meal while up there, in a 360-rotating restaurant – taking in the view of the city while biting into something delicious. 

If you love to live life on the edge, you can do so on the tower by taking an adrenaline-filled walk along the outside of the edges of the CN Tower in what they call their EdgeWalk. 

Explore the Cypress Hills interprovincial parkExplore the Cypress Hills interprovincial park

Situated on the borders of Alberta and Saskatchewan, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park is a fantastic blend of forests, wetlands, and grassland – a perfect destination for any avid nature-lover. You’ll love the location’s fantastic view of majestic hills rolling gracefully into sparkling lakes.

You can also explore the rest of this beautiful landscape with a horseback ride through real functioning ranches. There’s also an amazingly vast array of plant and animal life, offering rich diversity and giving you an ideal getaway from the city’s bustle and hustle. 

Things to do in Canada: Canada’s Wonderland

If you’re traveling with kids, then Canada’s Wonderland should be on your list. This is easily the country’s number one amusement and water park for people of all ages. This park has everything your family needs for ultimate entertainment, from live shows and street festivals to heart-stopping rides. 

Located on Jane Street, Vaughan in Ontario, you’ll find more than 75 rides for people of all ages, a splash park, and slides that’ll send your adrenaline pumping no matter how old you are.  

Canada has about 15 other themed parks you can enjoy, but that’ll mean driving long distances. So, if you have any plans of driving during your stay, you might want to discover here about getting your G1 test done. 

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