Want To Make A Standout Business Website That Attracts A Wide Audience?

Written By Alla Levin
January 19, 2022

Want To Make A Standout Business Website That Attracts A Wide Audience?

In the modern market, it’s hard to thrive as a business without having a commercial website. Such a massive percentage of commerce is now being done online, so you’re missing out on an enormous portion of customers if you fail to stake your claim on your corner of the web.

The internet offers countless marketing and advertising opportunities, too, so you’d be a fool to skip past the chance to spread your message far and wide with such ease! Thankfully, this guide will teach you everything you need to know to build and maintain a fantastic business website that is attractive and functional, and it couldn’t be easier to get started today.

So, if you’re interested in finding out more, then read on to uncover some of the best tips, ideas, and recommendations that you can utilize now to turn your website dreams into a reality! 

Choose A Catchy, Memorable URL Choose A Catchy, Memorable URL 

One of the first things you will need to craft the most fantastic business website is a catchy, memorable URL that your audience will love. A URL (or a Uniform Resource Locator) is a web address that internet users will type to find your website online, so it’s like a virtual PO box! Your URL needs to be directly associated with your business; otherwise, people won’t be able to make the connection.

Choosing a URL may be a little difficult, as it’s similar to a username, because every website needs its unique web address. So, if another website has already claimed the URL that you had hoped for, then, unfortunately, you’ll have to decide on something else.

You can use your business name, a catchphrase, a product name – anything that relates to your company, which a customer would be instantly able to associate with the products or services you sell.

It has to be short and catchy; otherwise, your audience won’t remember how to reach you. Ensure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in your URL, as this will make your business appear unprofessional. Never use offensive or crude language, as this will no doubt discourage potential customers from clicking on your website. 

Design An Elegant, Simplistic Theme

Next, it’s time to design an elegant, simplistic, minimalistic, and stylish theme. It’s all about getting the right balance, as too many colors and patterns will be overwhelming, whereas too little detail can make your website seem plain and boring.

It’s best to start your design journey by choosing 2-3 specific colors that you want to include on your website as any more than this can feel cluttered. Use these predetermined colors to create accents and similar features that give each page a little personality.

Once you’ve set the scene colorwise, you can begin to add specific features that will be present on every page of your website. This should include your business name and logo, a home button, and a sidebar or drop-down menu.

Try to get creative. You can even use this free gradient web app containing the largest collection of unique CSS color gradients and gradient backgrounds to make the design of your website more modern, beautiful, and elegant. As long as you maintain a professional yet stylish feel throughout your business website, you’re sure to increase your chances of online success!

Make Accessibility A Priority Make Accessibility A Priority 

An important feature you must prioritize during your business website development is accessibility. Accessibility ensures every internet user can utilize your website in all its glory, even with a condition such as dyslexia. Thankfully, you can take so many simple steps to ensure your website is as accessible as possible, starting by choosing a suitable color scheme.

If you opt for a dark background with lighter text, those with a visual impairment or learning disabilities will find it difficult to determine the words’ meaning. However, if you use a cream or white background with black or dark navy text, people from all walks of life can read your messages quickly.

Another excellently practical step you can follow to help improve accessibility involves assigning a button on your website that increases (or decreases) the text size on each page. If you are short-sighted, this can be a great relief, as the more extensive the text, the easier it is to understand. To help you discover further ways of improving your website’s versatility, you can view wordpress tutorials to determine new ways of doing things and help you get the best out of your site.

If you choose to post photographs, graphics, videos, GIFs, or any other similar visual element on your business website, then make sure you take the time to add captions using alt text. All you need to do is describe what’s happening, as someone who has a visual impairment will be able to hear this description and better appreciate your website and its content. 

Maintain The Highest Levels Of SecurityMaintain The Highest Levels Of Security

Maintaining excellent levels of security should always be one of your main focuses when building a standout business website, as your customers need to trust you with all of their personal information, including their full name, home address, and bank details.

Figuring out how to keep your business website as safe as ever might seem like a near-impossible task. Still, there are many innovative ideas that you can pursue to keep your business and customers out of harm’s way online.

Using a secure payment method is the most vital safety consideration. Customers should confidently enter their card details, knowing they will not be the victim of scams, fraud, or identity theft.

Fortunately, most internet users already know and trust several preexisting secure payment platforms. Hence, it’s a good idea to utilize these big-name brands that your customers can instantly associate with safe transactions.

On the back end of your website, you need to take extra steps to protect any data you collect during an average day’s work. The data entered into your website should be private and inaccessible to those outside your company, so you must take the appropriate steps to ensure this is the case.

An excellent way to keep your data under wraps is by utilizing encryption. This will randomly scramble the information so that anyone who stumbles across it won’t be able to use or identify any data.

Of course, online customers care significantly about their safety and security on the web, so be sure to publish information about your efforts to protect them so they can shop confidently. 

Use Expert SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools Make A Standout Business Website

You can follow every step above with the most incredible attention and detail, yet if you do not indulge in expert SEO, you won’t be able to attract anyone to your platform. As there are millions upon millions of different websites on the internet, search engines need to work out which sites are the most worthy contenders to appear on the first page of results.

Subsequently, each active website needs to make a serious effort to prove to search engines that they are authentic, trustworthy, and worthwhile, giving them enough reasons to raise their rank to attract as many visitors as possible.

Failing to use SEO tools could mean that your business website is present on the 8th or 9th results page, which most people would never even dream of reaching. So, there’s no time like the present to master the art of SEO, starting by using long and short-tail keywords in the content that you post.

Keywords are buzzwords that are both relevant and popular phrases relating to your business and the products or services that you offer. These keywords are what a user might type into their browser when attempting to find a website like yours, so be creative and put yourself in their shoes to think about what you might search online to uncover your platform.

As well as keywords, it’s a good idea to use backlinks both from one internal page to another and externally, as this proves your authenticity to the search engine provider. Backlinks can transport you from one page to the next, showing that your website is active and in constant use.

Don’t worry if you don’t quite understand SEO, as you can easily find an expert to optimize your website on your behalf. Never doubt the importance of SEO in the modern market, as your website needs support if you want to achieve success. 

Developing a standout business website that attracts a wide audience has never been such a simple task when you can take the time to make the most of some of the brilliant tips and tricks that have been carefully described above! So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and begin your website development quest today! 

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