Why Participate in a Blind Support T-Shirt Fundraiser?

Written By Alla Levin
February 02, 2022

Why Participate in a Blind Support T-Shirt Fundraiser?

Are you planning a podcast fundraiser? It can be hard to develop radically new ideas to make a campaign your best one. Here is the information that will inspire and challenge those who want to help change the world by raising awareness about blindness.

You may have heard of a t shirt fundraiser before. They are typically used to promote a podcast, raise money for charity, or fund other activities where patrons pledge an amount every time the hosts produce a new episode.

Every t-shirt design has an image on it, whether it is the name of the show written in Braille or just another clever graphic that represents what the show is about.

If you wish to know about such an event, here are reasons to participate in a blind support t-shirt fundraiser:

  • Spread Awareness

According to reports, the average donor in the United States is 64 years old and makes two charitable gifts a year. If you are searching for a method to spread awareness about blindness, this is it. Some people will not donate unless they know what it is for. But when you tell them that your shirt says “Blind Life” and “I’m not blind, I’m Blind and Proud” on the back, people will be intrigued and buy one.

Spreading the word about blindness through t-shirts is not only important; it is very accessible to people who cannot or will not read pamphlets, attend meetings, watch videos, etc. Just wearing a shirt like this, lets other people know that there are others out there like them and gives them a great conversation starter.

  • Raise Money for Charity

Charity is another way to make people more likely to buy a shirt. Maybe they want one for themselves and their family, but they will also want one to help raise money for charity. It is especially true when the t-shirt fundraiser is for an organization or group that promotes awareness or helps blind people in some ways.

  • Build and Maintain a Community

Hosting a meeting is great, but knowing that you already have an interested audience is another thing. In podcast meetups, people build connections and friendships that can be useful beyond just listening to the show every week.

Even asking for reviews in your shirt fundraiser ad will help get new listeners, partly because they will support the show and partly because they want someone to return the favor if they do.

  • Get New People to Listen

If your podcast is new, this can be a great way to get it in front of people who have not heard about it before. Putting the word out that a shirt for sale goes along with your show can attract new listeners and help you build up that audience.

  • Get More Ratings and Reviews

Although this can be done by asking for reviews in your ad, it is easier to get people to go to iTunes and leave a rating or check if they already have the shirt.

ConclusionBlind Support T-Shirt Fundraiser

Donations help blind people live their lives more independently. Using t-shirts to promote your podcast can be a great way to promote awareness, raise money for charity, and help you build up an audience. Just make sure the shirt design represents your show so that people will feel more inclined to buy it.

These are the top reasons to participate in a blind support t-shirt fundraiser, but more. All in all, this strategy can be a great way to get the word out about your show and help you build a community of blind supporters who can change the world together.

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