Tips for Buying the Best Roller Skates for Men    

Written By Alla Levin
February 03, 2022

Tips for Buying the Best Roller Skates for Men

Skating is exciting, which you would know if you’ve ever tried it. Gliding outdoors with the breeze gently brushing against your face or in a rink performing eye-catching maneuvers to the applause of spectators can be equally thrilling. All you have to do is strap on a pair of rollers and roll your way to sheer excitement.

But entertainment is just one reason behind this activity’s popularity. It also provides a good workout, particularly to the leg muscles. However, you must have the right pair of roller skates for men for the proper stability, support, and protection. These are some tips to help you out with that.

Things to Check Before Buying a Roller Skate: Plate

The plate is located at the bottom and is the foundation upon which the boots and everything else rests. They are usually made from magnesium, aluminum, nylon, and other metals.

While some skating enthusiasts prefer metal plates for durability, others prefer nylon ones because they are lightweight. The plate is attached to the axle, kingpin, cushion, trucks, and jump bar. If you skate for long hours regularly, it is better to select a metal plate than a nylon one.

Bootsthe best roller skates for men  

Boots are one of the components that rest upon the plates. No skate is complete without a boot. Most of them are made from leather, suede, or acrylic. The interior part of the boot is referred to as the lining and is padded to provide optimum comfort.

They also consist of a tongue, sole, eyelets or hooks, laces, and a Velcro speed strap in some cases. The Velcro strap provides extra protection and security aside from the laces. High-top boots are suitable for artistic and rhythm skating, while low-top ones are made for speed skating or outdoor use.


Bearings are situated inside the wheel hub and provide spinning assistance to the wheels. They consist of five components: shield, balls, inner race, retainer, and outer race. Every wheel consists of two bearings, so a pair of rollers have 16 in all. They are usually available in seven millimeters or eight millimeters.

It is advisable to select a higher-rated one when you go skating because even though that won’t affect your overall speed, it will play a role in the “rollout.” A rollout is referred to the time the wheels continue spinning after you start skating. If you are a beginner, it would be better to select a roller with ABEC bearings rather than Swiss or Ceramic bearings.


Wheels are perhaps the most vital part of a roller skate, and they come in various sizes, widths, and hardness. Most wheels used in skates are made of polyurethane as it offers plenty of traction and grip.

If you want to achieve higher speed during skating, you will need large wheels, but smaller wheels are the way to go if performing quick movements is your objective. Wheels for outdoor skates are softer and usually don’t have a hardness above 90A, while indoor ones have a hardness between 88 and 103A.

These are the main parts of skates you should be familiar with and pay attention to while buying a pair of roller skates for men. Once you have the right skates, you can enjoy this fun-filled activity that offers both enjoyment and workout in equal measure as much as you want.

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