The Benefits of Plastic Mold Injection

Written By Alla Levin
February 05, 2022

The Benefits of Plastic Mold Injection

Plastic mold injection is one of the most efficient methods to make significant volumes of plastic parts in record time. The flexibility and the cost-effectiveness allow for customized designs of different sizes, shapes, and complexity.

Plastic mold injection supports an extensive series of single plastic pieces to more minor and intricate parts. The process is environment-friendly; excess is minimal and can be reused for other projects. There are no limits to the design, which makes plastic mold injection the number 1 choice for any small business due to the costs, production speed, and quality. I wanted to know more about the pros of plastic mold injection which Wunder Mold was pleased to discuss.

Good For The Environment

The environment is a vital component of any modern business that wants to thrive. Long gone are times when the focus was solely on production and profit. Luckily, plastic mold injection doesn’t need to slow down or spend extra resources to protect the environment.

Plastic is based on petroleum making it recyclable and reusable. This trait makes it much more viable than natural materials like wood or metal, which deteriorate over time and can’t be reused. The molds are made from durable metal, providing years of service before you need to replace them.

Compared to natural materials, plastic doesn’t need to be disposed of. You can melt it and reuse it however you see fit. The ability to reuse plastic and not spend money on recycling makes it the best environment-friendly option on the market.

You are not limited to what you can manufacture. You can use plastic for many objects we need every day, from disposable straws to chairs and tables. You can create things that provide years of service and still can be melted down and recreated. The environmental impact is minimal if the necessary precautionary steps are taken.

Production Speed and Quality

Plastic molding allows parts to be made in one piece, and this perk increases production speed and durability. Compound molding allows the production of multiple parts simultaneously, and you can use any type of plastic as long as it melts in high temperatures. When it comes to customization, you can add decoration and color to the process, reducing the amount of manual labor and finishing touches when the part comes out of the machine.

Plastic mold injection creates a finished product that requires little to no additional tweaking afterward. In addition to precision and quality, the ability to merge different parts during molding reduces production time significantly, making it the perfect candidate for many industries that rely on speed, quality, and mass production. You can rest assured that you will achieve high production speed with little room for error.


Another benefit of plastic mold injection is easy maintenance. You can’t avoid it, but you can complete between 250000 and 500000 cycles without cleaning the molds. You should still clean it every 100,000 cycles to ensure 100% performance and avoid problems for more complex designs that require more attention.

It is Automated

Labor costs of plastic mold injection are pretty low because it takes one to two people to monitor the process. This makes the method even cheaper, and small business can focus their resources on the machine and its maintenance. With small production and maintenance costs, fast production of quality parts, and insignificant effect on the environment, plastic mold injection is one of the best options on the market for growing businesses.

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