Family Office And Why It Is Important

Written By Alla Levin
February 18, 2022

Family Office And Why It Is Important

A family office offers large and wealthy families a way to safeguard their assets and protect their privacy while giving them more substantial control over their wealth. A family office consultant can help them manage their cash flow and funds with services such as taxation formalities, family governance, general cash management, evaluating healthcare and other insurance coverage, and more.

There are many types of family offices that are structured in a way to help families manage their wealth and activities, depending on how big they are and how they function while considering the budget. For example, multi-family offices are more cost-effective as they work with several families to help them manage their wealth better. On the other hand, single-family offices run on a single team dedicated to collecting, structuring, and planning the family’s wealth.

Importance Of A Family Office

  • Greater returns

    Family offices provide services like better capital allocation, careful selection of investment opportunities, and facilitating ​​sales and liquidations, all of which help with greater returns without worrying about added risks.

  • Lower cost

    While many believe that a family office may be expensive, they disregard that it helps in the long run, making it a wise and cost-effective solution. As long as the family can support the operational cost of a family office, they can be super effective in the administration and oversight of financial assets.

  • Help in meeting financial goals

    Firstly, family offices identify the targeted goals and guidelines of the family. After leaving no stone unturned when it comes to research, they also help prepare investment summaries so you can reach them with an organized strategy. Lastly, they also employ a governance system to oversee the performance while managing and preventing risk.

Services Family Offices ProvideServices Family Offices Provide

There are many services family offices provide. Some of them are listed below:

  • Strategic management of total wealth

    Most families tend to commit the mistake of dividing their financial assets into discrete buckets before managing them. However, family offices look at the whole picture and understand the interdependence of assets such as investments, income, lifestyle aspirations, and before managing wealth. This gives them a more holistic view of wealth management, helping you minimize risks in the long run.

  • Legal taxes and services

    The need for organized tax and legal planning comes as the family grows bigger and wealthier. Family offices come to help with their legal and tax expertise as they take over activities such as conducting due diligence on financial transactions, having legal protections in place, coming up with insurance strategies, and more.

  • Lifestyle and administrative services

    Family offices also offer lifestyle and administrative assistance beyond financial services, such as travel planning, managing personnel, creative assets such as valuable collectibles and paintings, and more.

While the benefits and services mentioned above are only a handful, there are many reasons why a family office is beneficial. They reduce the burden of managing wealth, helping you delegate your financial planning.

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