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Gambling Experts You Should Be Following Right Now

Social media is a driving force in modern life. Without the constant scrolling and liking, some people wouldn’t know how to get through the day. With the internet being so limitless, there is no cap on what types of social media accounts can exist. No matter your interests, there is a pretty good chance there are many accounts you can follow.

Gambling accounts are a big thing online right now. Because of all the commotion surrounding the gambling industry, many people are trying to get involved. It is important for gambling newbies to get acquainted with the way gambling works quickly. It can help the new players and the old to look for social media accounts run by expert gamblers.

Many gamblers host their own accounts to provide their thoughts on current gambling news or to offer strategies of gameplay. For sports betting, especially, following professional accounts is a great way to stay up-to-date on statistics and analyses. Start following the right expert gamblers today to dig a little further into the gambling world.

David Purdum

David Purdum is a strict follower of all things sports betting. He seems to know which professional gamblers are betting on which sports teams and players, according to his lively Twitter feed. He can also analyze the rises and falls in professional bets to help gamblers determine who they should bet on.

Sports betting is being legalized across the United States (read this news about Horseshoe Indiana), making it a current hot topic that more people are looking to get involved with. Purdum’s social media accounts, with over 65 thousand followers, highlight some significant events in sports betting and offer ways to bet smart in sports.

Olivia “Liv” Boeree


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From the Bahamas to Monaco, it’s been an amazing nine years but now it’s time for @pokerstars and I to part ways. I want to say thanks to the incredible staff and my fellow team mates for the wonderful memories, will miss you all! Pokerwise, you may have noticed I haven’t played much the past year — I’ve shifted to giving talks & creating science, rationality & effective altruism content… but I still plan to jump in the odd tourney here and there! So subscribe to my stuff via my bio link, eh #poker #pokerstars #cardplayer #pokernews #livboeree #pokerplayer #europeanpokertour #wsop #rationality #decisionmaking #gamer #pokertournament #pokerface #pokerlifestyle♠️♥️♣️♦️

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Nothing on Liv Boeree’s laundry list of interests and qualifications would suggest her status as a professional poker player. She has an honors degree in physics and astrophysics, has hosted television shows, given speeches in multiple different settings, and has written books! On top of all that, she is a champion of the World Series of Poker and the European Poker Tour, making her the only woman with both titles.

Her social media is not just a blast of gambling information, however. She does talk about her life as a gambler, but she also offers insight into other areas of life. She is a highly intelligent and creative individual with a lot to share with the world. Giver her a follow to see just what the life of a professional gambler might be like.

Steve Fezzik

Steve Fezzik was so serious about betting that he quit his secure job to commit to it. It must have been a smart decision, considering the thousands of followers he has now. He might have made a career out of sports betting and giving tips on how to bet, but he knows so much more about gambling.

He can boast multiple wins at poker tournaments along with placement in competition with the world’s best blackjack players. The guy knows his stuff, that’s for sure! According to Adrian Sireca at OnlineCasinoGems, “games like poker and blackjack that Fezzik enjoys are now easy to access because of online casinos. Forget a trip to Vegas. You can bet on sports teams or table games from home! Online casinos are so important for gamblers worldwide, that everyone’s talking about them these days”.

Joe Ingram

33-year-old Joe Ingram might be one of the most popular poker names, not just for playing the game. He has set many records in the game but now focuses mainly on discussing his favorite online gambling method.

Through YouTube and Twitter, Ingram voices his opinions on popular happenings in poker. More notably, he hosts a podcast on which he interviews the hottest players and talks about the game. Listening to podcasts is a newer method for getting more information about a topic a person is interested in. Many gambling podcasts exist to give listeners a taste of the happenings in the industry (here’s a great list). Following Ingram will definitely offer you information about gambling in poker games as well as provide other information about gambling in general.

John Brennan

Long-time aficionado John Brennan has offered on-the-field perspectives of sports gambling for years. He also considers other gambling matters in New York and New Jersey, such as horse racing and the status of the Atlantic City casinos. Recently, he has been updating his social media feeds with news on mobile sports betting, which is making waves in the industry.

While sports betting is slowly being legalized worldwide, the process is certainly not without its controversies despite becoming one of the largest industries in the world (great coverage here). Brennan frequently discusses all the new updates on his Twitter, along with other exciting gambling events that are taking place. From current events to tips and strategies, Brennan brings a funny twist to gambling that will inform you while giving you a good chuckle.

Daniel Negreanu


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Once a year I don a Maple Leafs cap and a Golden Knights jersey. Rooting for Overtime!!! #GoKnightsGo #GoLeafsGo #NHL #Hockey

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You might find it in Negreanu if you are looking for a gambling role model. He dropped out of high school and pursued a life of professional gambling. This might not be the most traditional method to make millions, yet with a net worth of more than $50 million, it seems to have worked out.

He has multiple World Series of Poker wins (six, to be exact) and two World Poker Tour champion titles. He loves poker but also talks about sports betting and other gambling strategies that his followers eat right up.

He is constantly vlogging on YouTube about his Vegas gambling trips and offering insights on how to play smarter. Though his young adulthood might not have been promising, Negreanu keeps his fans updated daily with useful gambling information.

While these are just a few of many gambling experts, it might be worth it to scroll through their feeds. They offer more than just simple gambling facts. They can personify the industry, highlighting just how fun a little gambling can be!

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