Features to Check While Using Domo Platform    

Written By Alla Levin
February 27, 2022

Features to Check While Using Domo Platform

Domo is an app that aims to help users with all their data needs. The platform provides the user with more than just data connectivity but also allows them to perform many tasks via a single platform. It enables real-time visibility into business to work together without any hindrance.

It has increased demand for better and more efficient analytics tools and platforms. Domo provides users with a wide variety of features. Here are some features like Domo pricing you must check while using Domo.

Data Connectivity

According to reports, 62% of retailers report gaining a competitive advantage from information and data analytics. Domo is a platform that lets you connect all your data into one place. It can integrate with multiple apps, tools, and databases. All these connections are made in real-time to access the information without any delay between gathering and analysis. There are more than 3,000 connectors built for the Domo platform.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Domo provides users with an easy way to analyze data using simple English sentences. For example, you can ask Domo questions like “What is the status of my sales this month?” or “Show me which accounts are profitable?” This feature is known as “Domo IQ.”

VisualizationsFeatures to Check While Using Domo Platform    

From simple tables to complex graphs, Domo provides you with an option of thousands of visualizations. The information can be easily connected and analyzed using these visualizations.


Domo has the latest security features added in their app that protect your data from cyber threats. They have a multi-layered security system that includes encryption, masking IP addresses, and file permissions. These features protect the data from being hacked. It also takes advantage of the latest cloud technology to provide users with faster performance.


The pricing for this app depends on the number of users, data volume, and other factors. But there is no minimum contract. Users can subscribe to this platform on a monthly basis or get billed annually. There are customized plans for large enterprises and smaller companies with fewer employees.

Company Profile

Domo provides your company profile consisting of all the latest updates about your business-like financials, KPIs, or employee data. It also stores all the other vital details available on the internet about your company. It is essential to check the Domo pricing before choosing a platform for your organization.

Customizable Dashboards

Domo enables you to customize dashboards according to your preferences. It also lets you create your visualizations and reports to suit your requirements. Customization offers a more effective way of using the platform per the user’s requirements.

Fully Automated Data Preparation

Domo applies machine learning algorithms to prepare the data to be easily analyzed automatically. Machine learning aids in predicting outcomes and helping users with real-time prescriptive analytics.

Informed Decision Making with Alerts

Domo automatically alerts you of any anomalies while preparing data. It notifies users by sending out emails, text messages, or in-app notifications about the anomaly.

Desktop Widgets

Domo offers desktop widgets which are small interactive tools that provide easy access to many tasks within the Domo platform. For example, “Watch List” is a widget that lets you see the latest data in real-time.

Mobile App for Android And iOS Devices

Domo provides an in-app notification feature to receive all the alerts right on your mobile screen. It also offers real-time visualization of data so that users can see key metrics while they are on the go. These are some features to check when implementing DOMO for BI purposes.

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