Renting in Washington DC
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The Beginner’s Guide to Renting in Washington, DC

Washington D.C. is one of the most desirable places in the USA. There are a lot of activities to do in this city, and it offers comfortable living conditions. By the way, if you decide to move, renting an apartment in the capital may seem challenging, as it’s populated and there are a lot of tourists and international workers living, but it’s entirely possible. 

Also, according to Census ACS statistics, in 2019,  36.92% of households were renters. So renting is in high demand in the capital. If you are a beginner, this ultimate guide is for you to help rent an apartment with good conditions in Washington and gather all the valuable information beforehand. 

What can you do in Washington?

First of all, you need to know what you will do in Washington to choose an appropriate apartment after moving. If you are moving here to live for a long time, gather information about this city’s laws and regulations, habits and traditions, activities, and job opportunities. 

Additionally, it would be better for you to find furnished apartments in Washington DC and save money on not buying new furniture. But if you are a tourist for a month, you should rent an apartment near the sightseeings. In any case, the following guide should help you rent an apartment in Washington, whether it’s forever or for a month.  

Choose the neighborhoodfurnished apartments in Washington DC

There are many neighborhoods in the capital, and each of them has its uniqueness. You’ll want to make sure you’re living in the proper community, whether you’re relocating to the city for a job or enjoying your trip. 

While practically every neighborhood in the District has its advantages, some stand out for their abundance of activities, fantastic restaurants, and cultural events. For example, while researching neighborhoods, you should know that apartments near metro stations are more expensive than other ones. Based on your lifestyle, whether it’s active or more passive, and other points (cost of living, crime rate, popularity, etc.), you can choose the suitable apartment in the right neighborhood for you. 

Consider the cost of living

The District’s cost of living can be high as it is a desirable place to live, with many job opportunities, beautiful locations, and must-see places. Fortunately, the District’s utilities are more affordable and renting in D.C., and you’ll save money on most of your utility expenses compared to the national average. 

Food costs are high but not higher than in the major cities. It may cost higher while eating in restaurants every day, but buying food in the grocery store can be pretty affordable. Consider all the living expenses before moving to Washington, and choose the area of living which will be appropriate for your financial situation. 

Do you need a car?

Public transportation is working better in Washington than in other big cities. As the metro system works fast, organized, and safe, people often choose the metro over car drives. But if you decide to drive a vehicle, you need to register it and cover some insurance expenses, which are high compared to other cities. Parking fees are also high. In some neighborhoods, iit’sabout $300-350 per month. 

To be short, having a car iisn’ta necessity in this city, which provides sizeable public transportation options such as buses, metro stations, and taxi services. They all work well and can get you whenever you want.  

Renting in Washington DC: Conclusion

Renting an apartment in the capital of the USA for beginners may seem challenging at first sight, but iit’snot that difficult if you know all your requirements and needs. So, this guide will help you make the process of finding a rental apartment in Washington much easier. 

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