Play+: A Big Impact on the iGaming Industry

Written By Alla Levin
March 11, 2022

Play+: A Big Impact on the iGaming Industry

The iGaming industry has always tried to champion new and easier ways to pay – that’s part of what drives it forward! Paying by phone was a game-changer, but perhaps nothing has switched things up quite so much as the introduction of Play+.

If you’ve never used Play+ before, you’re in the right place. We’re about to explain exactly what it is and how it makes the industry better for casinos and those creating the games, and for us players!

If you read this article and decide you want to try out Play+ for yourself, you’re going to want to find out about the best Play+ casinos. In there, you’ll find the perfect site to sign up to that accommodates Play+.

What is the iGaming industry?

Before we get too deep into the ins and outs of Play+, it’s essential to understand what the iGaming industry actually is. Effectively, it’s a term that accounts for the entire sector of interactive gaming, and specifically, online casinos.

iGaming refers to the software developers creating games and online casino sites. So, when we talk about the benefit of Play+ to the iGaming industry, we’re talking about both parties.

Sometimes, these parties are the same companies. But most of the time, in online casino gaming, it will be separate companies creating the games from those running the actual casino sites. The iGaming industry is responsible for many of the most exciting gaming industry trends.

Many are based on finances and moving money around easily and quickly. The latest iGaming development industry from that trend? Play+, of course.

What’s the deal with Play+?Play+

Play+ is effectively a cashless way to play casino games. Instead of using a debit or credit card, as many players are used to, Play+ offers the opportunity to top up your account and transfer straight from there. This has a few benefits to the players, as we will discuss shortly.

In a sense, Play+ is effectively an e-wallet designed for gambling. We’ve all seen the likes of Skrill and Revolut, and Play+ aims to bring something similar to the table geared towards gamblers, particularly casino gamers.

You can use Play+ in a selection of online casinos and sportsbooks, as well as land-based variations of both of these. Right now, there aren’t many casinos or sportsbooks that support Play+, but it is a great initiative that’s very new. So, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more and more businesses rolling out Play+ in time to come.

How does Play+ make the iGaming industry better?

We’ll check out what’s so good about Play+ for the players in a second, but first of all, let’s find out why the iGaming industry is embracing it with open arms. Well, there’s one major benefit, really – it makes life easier. Anything that makes it easier for players to spend money benefits the industry as a whole. That’s about it!

So, the impact of Play+ on the iGaming industry effectively boils down to making more money. The less time a player has to think about the money they’re spending, the more likely it is that the casinos and the industry will make more money.

This is important to be aware of as a player. That’s why we encourage responsible gambling – always check to see how much money you’re spending, regardless of the payment method you opt for!

The benefits of Play+ for the playersHow does Play+ make the iGaming industry better

Most of the benefits of Play+ are actually geared toward land-based casino game players. However, there are one or two great benefits for those who prefer to play online instead. One of these, of course, is just how easy it is to make payments. That’s what the whole app is based on. Convenience. And it does a very good job of it, indeed! No need to worry about entering your 16-digit card number again, when the app saves all that information for you.

Last thoughts on the introduction of Play+ to the iGaming industry

We love to see innovation coming out of the iGaming industry – it’s probably one of the best fields out there for driving progress! And Play+ is the latest development in a long line of great things to come out of the sector. If you like the sound of Play+, you can try it out today. Just head over to their website to find out more.

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