How To Find A Massage Gun That Suits You

Written By Alla Levin
March 11, 2022
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How To Find A Massage Gun That Suits You

When you’re working out, it’s extremely important that you look after your health. Both your physical and mental well-being can be adversely affected if you don’t work out properly. Overdoing it, exercising with improper technique, and not looking after yourself after the workout concludes are all ways excessive exercise can damage your health, so it’s essential to keep an eye on your condition.

One of the ways you can do that is by using a massage gun. These devices are proven to help with muscle pain and tension in the short term, and they could also have long-term benefits. If you’re in the market for a massage gun, it’s essential to make sure you buy the right one, and doing so isn’t easy with so many options available. Here’s how to find a massage gun that suits you.


Reading reviews is always important; that way, you get an unbiased, even-handed opinion of the product you’re looking at. Sites like offer unbiased looks at some of the latest and greatest massage gun devices out there, so give those sites a look if you want to know what your options are.

When you’re reading reviews, be sure to take a look at where the thought is coming from and whether the article is a paid promotion because these things can skew the result of the review and stop it from being as objective as it could be.

EffectivenessHow To Find A Massage Gun That Suits You

First and foremost, you should be looking for whether a massage gun is effective at what it sets out to do. A good massage gun will efficiently and effectively relieve pain and stress in your muscles; this will be reflected in the reviews and the reputation of the brand you’re buying from.

Certain brands have a better reputation than others; buying a generic massage gun from Amazon might not be a great idea, and you might be better off looking for a gun from trusted brands like HoMedics or MuscleGun. Of course, there are other factors in your purchasing decision.


While it’s true that opting for better-known brands usually results in a superior product, it’s also true that those brands tend to cost more. This is because they use higher-quality components, but it’s also because we often pay for brands rather than products in and of themselves. Carefully reading reviews both by professionals and by customers will help to alleviate some cost worries.

In the end, though, you should make sure to buy a massage gun that suits your budget; look for the best option on the upper end of what you can afford because it’s not worth skimping on your health.


Are you going to be taking your massage gun with you when you travel? If so, then size is going to be a major issue for you. Many massage guns market themselves as portable or travel options, and these are ideal for fitting into luggage or even backpacks.

Conversely, if you aren’t going to be traveling with your massage gun, then you can afford to buy something a little bigger and bulkier. Sometimes, size can represent a tradeoff in quality, and again, that’s where reviews come in; you need to decide whether a slightly less effective massage gun is worth it if it’s a little smaller.

Battery life

Wireless massage guns naturally need batteries to operate, and every massage gun is not created equal when it comes to battery life. Again, whether or not this is a concern for you will depend on your personal situation. Do you have regular access to a charging station while you’re working out (or administering physical therapy)? If so, then you probably don’t need to worry too much about the battery capacity. If, however, you’ll be taking your massage gun with you when you work and you won’t be able to charge it regularly, then you should look for a large battery.


Using a massage gun effectively is difficult, but you can alleviate some of that difficulty by picking a model with straightforward settings. Some massage guns have much different speed and vibration options, whereas others are relatively simple to use.

Suppose you know you won’t need lots of different types of vibration therapy. In that case, you should opt for something simpler, but if you’re a physiotherapist with lots of other clients who have versatile needs, then a massage gun with plenty of options is in order. Again, this is a decision you’ll have to make based on your circumstances.

Power and speed

Some massage guns are gentler than others. If your muscles are particularly weak or vulnerable, then you shouldn’t opt for a massage gun whose lowest setting is more powerful than you can handle. It can be challenging to know whether this is the case without trying the gun out first, so if you can, try to shop somewhere that you can test the strength of the gun before you buy it. Similarly, don’t opt for a gun that’s weaker than you think you’re going to need; it’s better to have more settings than you require than not to have enough.

We hope our guide on buying a massage gun has been helpful. By combining all of the above factors, you should arrive at a decision that makes sense for you. We’ve deliberately avoided recommending a specific brand here because there are so many out there that make great guns! What’s your favorite massage gun brand?

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