5 Etiquette Rules of Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Written By Alla Levin
March 14, 2022
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5 Etiquette Rules of Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

For a couple planning to marry, their wedding signifies the start of a new life together. This significance makes many couples plan the event as memorable as they can afford. Hence, when selected to be part of the bridal train for a couple, it shows how much they value you. It’s usually exciting for you and them, from the bachelorette party to the bridal shower.

However, the preparation for the big day could be as tiring as it could be exciting. Planning the venue, the food, drinks, etc., the list just seems never to end. One part that needs so much attention is the bridesmaid dress! If you’re about shopping for your bridesmaids, check out these unspoken rules you should never forget.

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping: Who Pays for the Bridesmaid Dress?

It is a tradition that bridesmaids usually foot the bills for their dresses, shoes, and even accessories. Although the bride will most likely choose the dress, the bridesmaids pay. However, depending on the cost, the bride might have to assist some bridesmaids with the payment. It usually happens when the bridesmaids’ dresses are quite high.

A costly dress may bring up the issue of discussing budgets. To prevent some last-minute pull-outs, it is advisable to consult with all your bridesmaids about the price they’re willing to pay for their various dresses. Taking that step will give you a budget in mind when shopping for dresses.

If you have a particular dress that you’re unwilling to change, you might need to split costs with bridesmaids who can’t afford the dress.

Choose Comfortable and Stylish Bridesmaid DressesBridesmaid Dress Shopping

Although you might have a particular dreamy look planned out for your bridesmaids, you must consult them before picking any dress. Their opinions matter because you need to ensure that each person is comfortable in whatever dress you choose. Apart from their comfort, they must look just as stunning as they would love.

Meanwhile, you must satisfy these requirements while ensuring the bill isn’t enormous. It seems like one heck of a job. Well, that’s why you should have some of your most trusted bridesmaids to help with decision-making. This will help relieve you of taking care of all the decisions alone.

Shopping for Pregnant Bridesmaids

If you have a pregnant bridesmaid on your train, you should give her so much care. Deciding to join a bridal train in such a fragile state is quite an exhausting decision to make. Also, the requirements for choosing her dress should be different from others. Her comfort should be paramount. However, you should not abandon style. Ensure the dress style you choose makes the bridesmaid look just as stunning as the rest of the crew.

If her pregnancy is not above five months by the wedding date, she can still go for a gown that gives her hips and belly room. For a pregnant bridesmaid, satin bridesmaid dresses are a good choice. Their pleasant texture, coupled with the simplicity they offer, makes them a good combination of comfort and style.

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping: Shop Ahead of TimeBridesmaid Dress Shopping

Is it still six or seven months until your big day? You should probably go shopping. It’s never too early to start making the rounds for your bridesmaid dresses. Apart from relieving you of stress when the time is near, you’ll have ample time to go through various choices. There are hundreds of fabulous designs to choose from for convenience and the success of your big day.

Hence, to save yourself undue stress when the time comes, you should shop around at a few bridesmaid dress shops and get an idea of how much delivery will take from each one to make sure that you will be able to get the dresses your bridesmaids want before the big day.

Get a Professional to Measure your Bridesmaids before Ordering their Dresses

The vendor you’re ordering the dresses from already has these dresses sown in most cases. Hence, getting the right size for your bridesmaids largely depends on the vendors getting the right measurement. You need a professional sewist to measure everyone before ordering the dresses. You do not want to stress returning or fixing the dresses after ordering them.

: Style Your Bridesmaids

Imagine your bridesmaids stepping out to the avenue looking just as stunning as you had imagined. Nothing quite beats that feeling of everything just turning out as you planned. The best way to make sure this happens is to ensure you stick to the etiquette of shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Good luck and happy married life!

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