Modern Formal Fashion Trends | How To Dress With Elegance

Written By Alla Levin
May 18, 2021
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Modern Formal Fashion Trends | How To Dress With Elegance

Spotting a “formal dress code” on an invitation can sometimes cause a lot of confusion. Whether you know exactly what it means or have spent the last few hours googling your way to dress code mastery, finding the perfect outfit that suits the requirements can be challenging. But, you needn’t worry. Check out this guide to modern formal fashion trends, teaching you how to dress with elegance.

Different Dress Codes To Be Aware Of

First things first, before shopping for trendy formal attire, you should learn what the dress code on your invitation means. You’ll likely see one of the following: elegant dress, black tie, or white tie. Elegant dress is nothing but a fancy way to require guests to dress formally. This means a suit and ties for men and an elegant dress or suit for women (more on that later).

A black tie is a more formal dress code. It requires men to wear a tailcoat suit with a black waistcoat and black bow tie, and typically a floor-length dress for women. Similarly, a white tie dress code (the highest required) requires men to wear a tailcoat suit with a white waistcoat and white bow tie. Online tailor shops are available nowadays for mens custom suits for any event. You can check out their site such as Blank Label for full their online services.

Modern Formal Fashion TrendsFormal Fashion Trends

If you’ve been asked to dress formally, you’ll have quite a bit of freedom to decide what you wear. Nevertheless, here are some trends worth keeping an eye on.

Cocktail Dresses

A cocktail dress is your best bet whenever attending an event that requires an “elegant” dress code. Pick something made of a refined fabric, such as lace, taffeta, or silk. You can opt for floral prints for the day and sequins for the evening, but steer clear of geometric patterns – unless brought to life by a designer.

Trendy Suits

Men attending an elegant dress event should wear a suit. But, no matter what you pick, always pair your slacks with a dress shirt and formal jacket. Beige and grey suits are excellent for a daytime event, while navy and black are perfect options for the evening.

Dressy SeparatesDressy Separates

Contemporary fashion trends have taught us that tops and bottoms don’t have to be made of the same fabric – but they still have to match perfectly. Think of a tartan jacket paired with solid color trousers for gents or a sheer top with velvet dress pants for ladies. To stay true to this trend without the worry of clashing, shop at Italian fashion brands that keep luxury style at the forefront of everything they do.


While you wouldn’t want to wear them at a black-tie or more formal event, jumpsuits can help you stand out whenever your invitation asks for elegance. Designer jumpsuits feature classy fabrics and precious details such as brooches, oversized buttons, and other flattering details that will turn you into the queen of the party.

Elevate With Accessories

If you’ve been invited to a black-tie event but don’t want to spend heaps of cash on a floor-length dress, elevate a mid-length cocktail dress with jewelry and other precious accessories. Scarves, fancy hats, and even a stylish hair-do can work towards turning a semi-formal outfit into something right out of a formal fashion magazine. As for the gents, make sure to match a pocket square with your tie for a flawless appearance.

Pay Attention To Footwear

No matter what you wear, pair your outfit with designer shoes. Steer clear of any scuffed or semi-formal options. Ladies can opt for pumps or strappy sandals. Men should wear oxfords or black wingtips. The color of your shoes also matters. Men’s footwear should be dark, typically black, but dark brown or navy also work if matched with the suit or slacks. Always wear black socks, no matter what color shoes you decide to put on.

Women have some flexibility in that they could wear black or nude shoes. Of course, your footwear may also match with the dress or gown, but opting for neutral colors makes it easier to wear them with various kinds of attire. With these formal fashion tips in mind, nothing stops you from dressing with elegance time and time again.

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