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Construction Photography Trends: Things You Need to Know About Time Lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography for constructions is the process of creating a time-lapse video. The video is typically three to four mime-lapse photography for construction projects minutes long and shows the entire construction procedure from the beginning till the end.

You must know that this time-lapse photography for construction projects has been in trend for an exceptionally long time. The video is made by collaborating the still images taken from a fixed location. Once the entire construction project is over, the still pictures are magically stitched one after another.

And after the images are edited and stitched together, a video of the entire construction procedure is formed. According to the present-day scenario, technology is facing a substantial evolution. And time-lapse photography is an exceptional marketing tool for all leading construction companies.

Everything You Need to Know About Construction Photography Trends in Time Lapse PhotographyTime Lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography is a timeless and trendy tool for capturing all sorts of images. One can capture it all, from bustling city life to a cloudy sky. You might know that most construction industries use time-lapse photography to set standards. They use it to capture the entire building construction procedure, thereby attracting customers.

Besides time-lapse photography being the perfect trendsetters of the construction industry, drone technologies are also another inclusion. You can also read about how drone technology brings in industrial changes.

If you are new to time-lapse photography, we have got you covered. Today, in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about construction time-lapse photography. Keep on reading to learn more about it.

Construction Time Lapse Photography – What is it?

Construction time-lapse photography is a technique of capturing a series of images from a particular angle. These still images are captured at regular intervals from the beginning until the end of the construction. Photographers use the same frame and angle to be stitched one after another sequentially.

After the images are stitched together, the entire sequence is played rapidly. The primary purpose behind construction time-lapse photography is to create an illusion of the building construction at great speed. Time-lapse videos are mainly used for capturing the slow processes that are usually not visible.

For instance, it is not practically possible to see a building grow brick by brick. However, with a time-lapse video, you can see how the building is constructed one after another. It also captures fast movements, making them even faster. Now that you know what time-lapse construction photography is let us look at the additional features.

  • What Equipment is Required?

Time-lapse photography holds an easy learning procedure if done right. You can even master time-lapse photography skills while you have the right equipment gathered. Let us take a quick look at the special equipment that will help perfect time-lapse photography.

  • Camera

A camera is of primary importance for any sort of photography. For time-lapse photography, any smartphone or point-and-shoot camera will serve the purpose. But you must know that mirrorless cameras and DSLRs are the easiest to use. Some of these cameras come with a pre-installed intervalometer, thereby capturing images for time-lapse.

  • Intervalometer

If you use a camera that doesn’t have a pre-installed time-lapse feature, you will require an intervalometer. An external device commands your camera to capture photos at specific intervals. So you no longer need to stand and assist your camera manually, thereby pressing the shutter button at intervals.

  • Tripod

This equipment is of utmost importance for time-lapse photography. It would help if you fixed your camera to a tripod, capturing images from a particular position. A tripod helps keep your camera steady and prevents blurry and disorienting images.

  • Memory Cards

Since time-lapse photography captures high-quality images, it requires a lot of space. And if you shoot in RAW format, you will have all your photos shot in the highest resolution. For making a place for large RAW files, you need to install high-capacity memory cards in your camera.

  • Neutral Density Filters

Using neutral density filters, you can comparatively reduce the amount of light your camera captures. You can automatically enhance and adjust the light settings without changing the color temperature. ND filters will also provide you with greater flexibility with the shutter speed.

What is the Perfect Camera Setting?What is the Perfect Camera Setting

In my personal opinion, shooting time-lapse images can be best done with a manual setting. As a beginner in time-lapse photography, you might not have enough confidence. But the manual set helps you in capturing the right amount of light. Let’s take a look at other additional settings.

  • ISO

If you are shooting during the day, keep your ISO to the lowest. It will help you in capturing the right amount of light. On the other hand, follow the exact opposite instruction.

  • Shutter Speed

Setting your shutter speed will depend on how crisp you want your images to be. For instance, if you shoot at 25 FPS, your required shutter speed is 1/50.

  • Focus

It is always best to set your focus into manual focus. This way, you can maintain a consistent focus for each shot.

  • Aperture

Always choose the aperture that will focus on your subject and capture enough light for emphasis.

  • Interval of Time Lapse

While you plan a time-lapse, make sure you settle for a fixed interval for the time-lapse. And set your camera accordingly so that it captures every frame after one or two minutes.

To Conclude

To obtain perfect time-lapse photography, you need to plan things well. Besides having the right equipment and fixing the proper settings for your camera, you should choose the right angle. Make sure that you pick a sturdy base to place your camera. Lastly, you must keep certain things in mind and avoid mistakes during time-lapse photography.

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!


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