How to Organise the Best Wildlife Event for Kids

Written By Alla Levin
March 22, 2022
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How to Organise the Best Wildlife Event for Kids

A quarter of all species in the world are threatened with extinction. Kids nowadays are unable to know about the wide variety of flora and fauna all over the world. By the time they grow up, a majority of species all over the world will no longer be existent.

In this situation, we need to adopt a fun approach to educate kids about the rich wildlife diversity. If we want our kids to be more focused on wildlife conservation, preaching is not the way to do it. You will have to get creative and make kids intrigued about various wildlife species in the world.

Ways to Make Kids Know About the Various Wildlife Species

Making your kids read about different wildlife species from books or the internet is not enough. Here’s how you can make your kids truly interested in the various wildlife species of the world:

Travel to Notable Wildlife Establishments

Traveling is the best way to make your kids know about the native wildlife in different regions. You can explore various wildlife establishments all over the world to make your kids observe different species in their natural habitat.

Whether it’s a zoo or national park, your kids will notice plants and animals coexisting happily. You can try various activities such as bird watching and camping while making your kids more aware of different wildlife species.

Celebrate World Wildlife DayCelebrate World Wildlife Day

Every year, March 3 is celebrated as World Wildlife Day. Schools can take the initiative of celebrating this day to make kids learn about different animals and plants. The main idea behind World Wildlife Day is to increase awareness about the dangers threatening the survival of species.

World Wildlife Day can be celebrated in schools by taking your kids to explore various species around them. While they won’t be able to spot wild animals, being outdoors can bring the kids under the true spirit of learning about the animals.

At the end of the day, give a fact sheet to the kids and see how much they have learned. You can also hold a discussion in class regarding why certain species are becoming extinct all over the world. Kids can also be encouraged to write down their own pledge of how they will help save endangered animals.

Take Your Kids for a Wildlife Show

A great way to teach your kids about wildlife is by taking them to a live event. Companies like Wild Rangers help you organize parties where kids can interact with live animals. Whether it’s a Christmas party or a simple “Meet and Greet”, kids will love encountering beautiful native animals.

You can organize an animal show where beautiful native animals will put up tricks to entertain kids. The shows can be followed by interaction with the animals for an hour or more. You can also set up a display of various animals like birds, crocodiles, and snakes. Children will be able to have close and personal encounters with the animals and learn more about them.

Watch Shows and Documentaries

Your kids will develop a better understanding of the various wildlife once they have visuals in front of them. Watch TV channels that show kid-friendly content to increase knowledge about mother nature. You can also make your kids watch various animated shows related to animals. It can evoke emotions in your kids and make them more concerned about wildlife conservation.

Explore NatureWatch Shows and Documentaries

You don’t have to take your kids to the zoo every weekend to make them learn about animals. You can make your kids learn about local wildlife specimens by exploring nature. Hand a pair of magnifying glasses and binoculars to your kids and see their growing interest. You can also take your kids hiking or a long nature walk.

You can ask your kids to write down about the insects, birds, or plants they noticed outside. Encourage your kids to draw pictures of the species they found.

Once they are done writing or drawing, sit down with them and discuss the characteristics of different species. You can also talk about the natural habitat of the species and how they can survive in the ecosystem your kids found them in.

Visit an Aquatic Environment

An aquatic environment can be a great way to make your child know about various new creatures. Take your kids to the beach and make them find seashells and other treasures of the sea. You can also take your kids to a marine aquarium. You can also take your kids on a fishing trip to make them learn about various underwater species.

Build a Bird Feeder in Your Backyard

An outstanding way to make kids learn about animals is by inviting animals to your backyard. Setting up a bird feeder in your backyard will attract various birds. Instead of buying bird feeders from the market, encourage your kids to build one on their own.

You can help your kids build a bird feeder from craft sticks. The craft sticks can be easily glued together and build a bird feeder of any height. You can create a cut-out after you finish building. The chirpy birds will get access to the seeds through the tiny cut-out.

Wildlife Event for Kids: Ending Note

If you want the lesson about wildlife more exciting for your kids, invest in animal costumes for them. It will be more enthralling for the kids to learn about the animals when they are dressed up as an endangered species.

You can also dress up as various endangered species and perform a small skit to make your kids understand the plight of the endangered species. Making your kids aware of various species and their conservation is also a parenting skill.

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