Participating in Antique Jewelry Auctions?

Written By Alla Levin
March 28, 2022

Participating in Antique Jewelry Auctions? Don’t Miss Out On These 6 Aspects

You must have come across various auctions and surmised that it was not meant for you. So remember that attending and purchasing from auctions can be an innovative initiative. And if you head towards antique jewelry auctions, you can get a hold of unique and sustainable jewelry.

In antique jewelry auctions, you will come across some unique pieces. The most experienced experts and professionals have vetted those antique yet timeless jewelry pieces. You will find jewelry made from metals like gold, silver, platinum, and other precious stones. There is indeed a considerable difference between the prices of the precious metals because it is scanty.

Antique jewelry is considered a prized possession passed down in the heirloom. And there are times when such unique pieces are given away for auction. After which, experienced and knowledgeable specialists rigorously vet these pieces and put them up for auction.

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6 Things to Know Before You Purchase Jewellery from Antique Jewellery Auctions

  • Look Out for the Condition
  • Is it Professionally Repaired?
  • Does it Have Hallmark Engravings?
  • Check for its Authenticity
  • Check Whether it is Worthy of Setting Trends
  • Is the Price Worth it?
  • To Conclude

6 Things to Know Before You Purchase Jewellery from Antique Jewelry AuctionsAntique Jewelry Auctions

Purchasing antique jewelry from auctions has been growing in popularity and setting trends recently. With the new generation of antique jewelry collectors, the jewelry market size in Australia is also escalating rapidly. The new age jewelry trend – “stacking” creates a huge demand for unique antique pieces.

Some collectors are hesitant to purchase antique pieces as they fear paying too much. To avoid this confusion, collectors must consider various things before buying any unique piece.

This article will teach six essential things to consider before purchasing antique jewelry from auctions. Meanwhile, you will also learn whether it is a good investment or not. Keep reading to know whether all that glitters is gold and worth buying or not!

Look Out for the Condition

Once a piece of antique jewelry catches your attention, you need to run a thorough inspection. After which, you will be able to decipher whether or not the jewelry is in good condition. It will also reveal the shape of the claws and setting edges around the stones of the jewelry.

You also need to thoroughly check whether there are nicks, chips, and scuffs on any engraved stones. And whether any enamel has been scrapped off from the precious metals. Also, remember to look out for the back portion of the jewelry. It will reveal whether or not the jewelry has undergone any alteration and repairs.

After inspecting the jewelry, you can also understand whether the piece is genuine and how it was crafted. It will also reveal whether it was manufactured in a certain period or is a reproduction. And before heading over to buy the jewelry from auction, make sure you acquire the jewelry specialist’s condition report.

Is it Professionally Repaired?Hallmark Engravings

You must know that antique jewelry is passed down in the family heirloom. So it has been used, worn, and probably has undergone some kinds of repair and restoration over time. It is because the jewelry pieces tend to wear away with time and require maintenance.

For instance, antique rings might have been resized to fit the fingers of the owner. Also, the shanks of the rings have worn away with time and become thin and fragile. The stones engraved within the jewelry might have been scuffed and scratched with rigorous usage.

Sometimes the precious stones might also get misplaced as jewelry makers had unset them for repolishing. There are chances that the clasps of necklaces and bracelets have worn out and have been tightened or replaced. Remember that these factors should not detract from the value of antique jewelry. But make sure that a qualified jeweler has done all these repairs and replacements.

Does it Have Hallmark Engravings?

Hallmark engravings are very crucial for any jewelry, regardless of the precious metal that has been used. If you look closely at the backside of a piece of jewelry, you will find the sign of a hallmark or assay mark.

Remember that the set of hallmark punches varies from one country to another. This set of signs on a particular piece will quickly help you identify the manufacturer’s place and date. You will also find that certain antique jewelry has the manufacturer and retailer mark. This will provide you with the complete historical background of the antique piece.

However, until 1973, placing hallmarks on jewelry was not an entirely legal requirement. So if you ever come across an antique piece of British jewelry, you will find a standard mark. Also, remember that the absence of any effect on any piece doesn’t prove that it doesn’t qualify for the metal standard.

Check for its AuthenticityCheck for its Authenticity

Fashion tends to change over time according to taste and ongoing trends. But if a particular style becomes widespread, it has the probability of making a comeback. From the late ’80s, Victorian-style gold earrings had gained immense popularity.

Many jewelry makers created deliberate copies as these pieces were in great demand. These copied pieces were passed down as period jewelry to deceive. But if specialists carefully inspect the pieces, they can reveal some nuances that prove they are not original.

To some extent, you can also distinguish between an original and copied piece. Copied jewelry is not well polished and has improper finishing with modern cut stones. It is because these stones had no existence when the originals were made.

Check Whether it is Worthy of Setting Trends

If you are a social butterfly or an avid reader of magazines, you can keep track of jewelry trends. So you can have a complete idea about the current styles and the on-demand stones. You can also know how celebrities and mere mortals wear jewelry by bending the conventions.

Is the Price Worth it?

After you have set your mind to buy a piece of antique jewelry, check for the price. If you struggle to figure out its worthiness, you can always consult an expert. An experienced professional or jewelry maker will help you understand whether the piece is worth a specific price.

To Conclude

You can confidently purchase antique jewelry pieces now that you know what you need to consider. You can inflate your antique piece inventory by owning the most delicate pieces worldwide.

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