Travel Safely With Expensive Ornaments
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6 Ways to Travel Safely With Expensive Ornaments

Whether traveling for vacations or attending a wedding, some expensive ornaments are always trotting the globe with you. Some pieces hold exceptional value and are hard to part with due to the association you develop with them—for instance, the diamond studs or the engagement ring. These ornaments not only possess financial worth but have emotional attachment as well.

While you are vacationing, you are likely to go to places famous for hiking, surfing, exploring, etc. In that case, the ornaments need some TLC (tender, loving & caring). Because if you lose them, you will surely be devastated. Nobody is insinuating to travel without your favorite ornaments. But since they are special and expensive, some caution and care are warranted.  

But don’t you worry! In this read, we will share some great tips to remember when you are in a foreign destination. We will also share tips on how to travel with your loved ornaments safely. Read on, so you are in the know!

Deciding the Jewelry to Pack

Deciding what ornaments to bring depends on the nature of your travels. For example, if you are traveling to attend a wedding or see the family, you will require some fancy jewelry. On the other hand, if you are traveling for a vacation on the beach, it would be great if you packed just a few simple ornaments.

Whatever you decide, make sure to check the travel advisory of the destination. If the crime and tourist-related crimes are high, it is best to leave expensive ornaments behind. Also, remember to keep the jewelry safe at home in a safe.

Burglary in absence is pretty common in some countries. If you follow the news, you will know if it’s safe to leave the jewelry at home in a safe. Otherwise, you can always rent a safety deposit box or keep them with trusted friends.      

Best Alternatesdiamond ring

We know parting with your diamond ring would be difficult. But if you look at the figures of people losing their expensive ornaments on travel, you will start thinking otherwise. It is best to travel with a similar zirconia ring if possible. However, you can also look at some fabulous jewelry suited for travels and are available at great prices. Not only do they make for excellent accent jewelry that adds magnificence to your vacation pictures, but also, losing them will not be such a heartbreak compared to the diamond ring.   

Organizing the Expensive Ornaments

Now that you have decided to take the ornaments along, you need to do some things to keep them safe. For starters, document all the jewelry you are taking along. The documentation can be done via email, with pictures attached for reference.

The next step is to figure out how you will be storing the jewelry. Ideally, expensive ornaments are kept in a case where stones don’t bump into each other, causing chips and scratches. Various boxes available online are lined with fabric and velvet to keep the ornaments safe – invest to purchase those to keep your valuables safe.

Next, remember to pack all the valuables in a carry-on. There are hundreds of instances where luggage is lost at airports. Often, lucky travelers find them with everything intact, while articles go missing in some cases.   Hence, always keep everything valuable in a carry-on bag. Of course, it may buzz the security system, but you can inform the security personnel, and they will make sure to check accordingly.   

Travel safely with expensive ornaments: insurance

Get insurance on expensive ornaments if you haven’t got one yet. If the jewels are insured, and it has been some time, get them reevaluated for worth. With time, certain valuables and metals appraise significantly. For reference, every two years, get your jewelry reevaluated for insurance.

It would be a great help if you discuss with your insurance company, and inform them of the travel plans. Also, check if the insurance has worldwide coverage in case of theft, damage, or loss. They will be able to guide you about policies and plans. Also, if they cannot offer global coverage on certain items, you can put them aside to keep them safely at home, rather than risking traveling with them.

When Not to Wear the JewelryTravel Safely With Expensive Ornaments

There are certain times when you should avoid wearing expensive ornaments.

  • When going for the swim;
  • When walking on streets late at night;
  • When dining out in crowded spaces;
  • When going for adventure sports.

Many of us have developed a habit of removing the diamond ring when washing hands with soap. This great practice is that soap and shampoo can wear the shine of the band and stone. But if you remove the diamond ring in a public space and forget it by the sink, chances are next to nil to find the ring back. Also, when going underwater, the skin shrinks a little causing the ring to get loose fit around the finger. As a result, if you lose the diamond ring by the beach, you are in for heartbreak.

Be Vigilant

When traveling, you end up going to places unplanned. So be mindful of your surroundings. If you feel that you are in a less crowded or unsafe area, either you can take off the ring or turn the ornament to the inner side of the hand. Also, if you are wearing a necklace, try to hide it with the help shirt or scarf.

If you are alerted well in advance about the sudden change in plans, you can take all the ornaments carefully and put them all in your pocket. A snatcher will nick your purse first. They may not have the luxury of time to check your pockets.  

Travel safely with expensive ornaments: Conclusion

As soon as you reach home, take stock of the jewelry you packed for traveling. Ensure you have everything that you documented when packing. Analyze the articles and report the insurance company in case of damage or loss.  

It all may sound very taxing to take expensive ornaments when traveling. But it is only a matter of planning and practice. With some planning, proper packing, insurance coverage, and documenting, you are set to enjoy your holiday with your favorite ornaments. 

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